I don't talk too much about 1970's (makes sense though since i'm not too familiar with that decade) although 1970's music is kind of interesting. Curious to know if some people here have favorite singers from the 70's. You don't need to be born in 1970's to comment on this thread.

Maybe this is cheating since the first two will be members from The Beatles, a band that broke up in 1970 but they still made some songs in 60's and 70's so, yeah, anyway, here's my list:

1. George Harrison. An amazing singer and his song Blow Away is the best, but that's maybe because BA is the first song i listened to so, i am biased.
I still find it hard to believe that he survived the 90's but died in 2001.

2. John Lennon. At first, i liked his songs but was kind of angry at him when i heard about him beating Cynthia and other stuff, although later, when i learned more about him, i kind of forgive John, because i am a violent person as well so, it kind of doesn't make sense for me to hate/criticize someone else who is violent. He did make some mistakes, but let's be honest, we all did, no one is perfect, i am actually way more soft and kind to him now than before. His songs, Imagine and Stand By Me are amazing.

3. Michael Jackson. He made several songs in 1979 and earlier (even though he was way more popular in 80's and 90's) so, he counts in my opinion.

4. Elvis Presley. Yeah, he looked way more handsome in 60's and 50's, but his voice was still amazing to listen to despite the addiction and unhealthy eating.

5. Freddie Mercury. I have no idea though, most of Queen songs that i listened to are from 80's but they formed in like 1973 or 1974 or something so, i hope they still count.

What about you? Do you have some favorite singers from the 1970's (1970-1979) decade and if you do, what are their names?