Alright, let's get things started.
Her play-style is on a six-button system. four attack, one evade, and another for stuns/supers. her basic system works in links weak to strong and can be followed up with specials or supers, depending on the situation. She has a stupidly OP mode that the computer spams (which I removed by erasing that palette) which allows her to regenerate health and increases her attack. It also apparently makes the A.I. a bit more aggressive but I won't go too far into that as I'll update this later to be sure. Next point is how her specials are more about combos and less about damage. Her specials as far as I've seen allow for GREAT juggle ability to you can keep your opponent off the ground and off-balance. Her spear-charge (can be done on ground and in mid-air) is quite helpful for covering ground as well as offensive capabilities of of course. She has a attack that, when charged can break the opponent's guard with a hard knock-down. Takes about a 3-4 second charge. Last is her enraged mode. This gives her a speed and attack boost for a certain amount of time. Game play wise, her A.I. can be challenging but it's manageable (something I don't get to say too often.) Playing AS her, she's a blast. Easy to learn with only four buttons to mix-up between for combos and one button saved for supers and her stun attack, the other for evading. Only thing left is her design, which is gorgeous. She looks very nice and her sprites are quite lovely to the eyes. Over-all feel is very user friendly and A.I. competent. (My hats off to Aki, the creator along with quite a few others such as her testers) My ONLY concern, which isn't really all that important, is I wish she was a little flasher in her supers. That's only a minor, personal note though.

Design: 9/10
Playability: 9/10
Sound: 9/10
A.I.: 9/10 (in a good sense this time)

Over-all: 9/10