Final Fantasy Baby!

Alright, so what we have here is both a good seph and a horrid nightmare. let's start with the good. The good news: He ISN'T freaking Chibi. I grew so tired of finding chibi versions or just plain boring conversion of him. Then I find this gem. great animation, good specials, LONG SWORD STYLE, and a bit OP in the range department. Basically everything you want from Sephiroth. His moves are great and go along with his personally (not giving a damn but giving just enough ****s to ruin you.) His specials and supers are very nice I find it appropriate that he can rain down meteors. He sounds fantastic as well. The Japanese voice pack is very nice and on point. Now on to the nightmare...His freaking A.I. What the HECK made the author believe he needed to be that bad. I just wanted an average fight. I feel like I'm playing Kingdom Hearts and can barely touch him much less survive his constant changing onslaught. He gives you no time to breathe and all the time in the world to button panic (where you sadly hit the wrong key cause you were trying to counter.) I have fell prey to him more than I want to even mention. He's good, fun to play as given time to learn him but he is irritating to fight against.

Design: 8/10
Playability: 7/10
A.I.: 9/10 (Ridiculous. I don't do this unless the A.I. is just beastly)
Sound: 8/10

Over-all: 8/10