Okay...First and foremost, HUGE fan of The Touhou Project Series. So I MAAAAY be a bit sided on this, but bear with me. ( )

As this is an edit and custom, I of course will consider that in my analysis. Anyway, as far as the project goes, she has no system like that of the rest of Touhou Project (as to be expected). What we DO have is a combo monster. She has a three-button system, the others useless. A, B, and C all combo when pressed three times and all can be mixed up, ending at the third hit unless a special is done. She has clever hard-hitting moves and a guard-breaking shoulder push that forces the opponent off the screen when used to finish. She quite a few specials which are good for mix-ups (her guard crush move included as it can hit from the front or the back depending on the direction you attack from.) She has no sounds which is a bit of a negative for me as I'd love for at least SOME snarky remarks, especially how confident she looks just standing there. She has the "" look like you're only going to win if I LET you. However, her health is low (which balances out how super powered she feels at times) so she can be beaten by some long-distance and grapple characters as her main game is up-close (besides her knife throw-skill which can be charged to unleash 8 knives which wall-bounce once in front of the character.) If I may be so bold, I do like her a bit more than the original Mei-Long. But that's just my opinion.

Design: 9/10
Playability: 9/10
Sound: 1/10
A.I.: 2/10

Overall: 5/10

Very fun to play as but a bit stale against.