For me it's:
CVS/POTS Style: Ryu by Phamtom of the Server, Urien by Froz, Mai by DivineWolf and Rasetsumaru by [email protected] [email protected]
JUS Style: Crocodile by MIKEL8888, Chaku by Keyber, Illumi and Netero by JhonX, Kuroko and Makina by TrafalgarLawzz, Saga and Kakashi by Planeptune Arte and Byakuya by Akashi Mugen.
Naruto NZC: Kakashi, Ino by CobraG6 and Tenten by MIKEL8888.
DBZ Choujin Style: Cell and Piccolo by Choujin, Cooler and Zarbon by Gladiacloud.

And you ?