Been a minute since I last wrote anything worthwhile but I figure I'd review a lot of the Original Characters in the archive and say what's-what. I love seeing fresh, new creations on here. I sometimes feel Mugen feels like a clone war of shoutos and Marvel. Seeing characters like this one makes me want to make something myself (Knowing I lack the skills.) That's just a side-note, on to the real deal.

This girl has been up for a while and I must say, i regret not finding her sooner. First and foremost is her animation. Original, well made, and fluid is always a plus for me. She has a full twelve palettes Her moves are very nice and feel like hitters. I mean HARD hitters. She does have a six-button layout but no taunt. She has some serious aerial dive kicks that would make Might Guy feel envious. Aoba has a few guard crushes and an overhead throw that smacks you down on your face. Her supers are pretty good. She's very physical as her move list lets you know right off the bat. Her dive-kick supers are pretty heavy on display and effects so it may not be for low-end computers(I read earlier someone's Mugen crashed because of her level 3 super dive-kick) but I LOVED seeing it myself. Her kick attacks do have range (never skipping leg day) and her punches are to be feared because she combos very easily when A.I. controlled (I'm still learning.) Now...Onto her A.I. Her A.I. is good, great actually. I really don't have to say more than "it's challenging". She can be REALLY brutal when you first fight her cause she's actually pretty dang fast too. Once you realize how she tries to go in, countering becomes pretty easy. Oh, and block. Block A LOT. She loves to tear you open when you drop your guard. Over-all, a lovely character with a decent A.I.

Design: 9/10
Controls: 9/10
A.I.: 8/10
Sound: 5/10
Over-all: 8/10