I don't see a place to post WIPs of games other than mugen stuff, yes I know this is a mugen forum, but I thought I'd post my WIP up here too.

So a little back-story before I talk about the project. Growing up, Fatal Fury was one of the games I almost always played whenever we went to the arcades (these places are a dying breed, so sad). I have very fond memories of playing against my cousins trying to figure out special moves and such. Back then, Joe was always my fave, Andy is my fave now though, but it was only when I got older and actually started looking into the lore of the game that I truly fell in love with this series. One thing though was that the lore at the time was very limited, hell even today its still a bit confusing.

I'm no writer, I can't hand animate, and my sprite animations are poor at best, but I've come to realize that gaming is probably one of the best storytelling mediums. I get lost in those single-player story-driven games.

So anyway, this mod is my interpretation of the Fatal Fury story, I will be taking some liberties here and there, but the core story will be there. I want it to be a single-player story experience, so there will be no multiplayer unfortunate;y (maybe in a future mode, let's see how this goes). Terry will be the main focus of course, and I hope to highlight other parts of the character that aren't always covered.

Any comments are welcome.