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    Question Game characters you would like and you wouldn't like to meet in real life

    WARNING: Because some of things i said in this thread may sound slightly disgusting and creepy, i will spoil some details. Unless if you can tolerate and don't mind blood and/or gore, read at your own risk. I will edit this post if talking about death is not allowed.

    What are some characters from games you would like to meet in real life and what are some characters from games you WOULDN'T like to meet in real life? Can be from any game, not just fighting.

    Game characters i would like to meet in real life:

    1. Sie Kensou from King of Fighters, i wouldn't mind.

    2. The 'main' Tsukihime characters, they seem so friendly and kind (well, they are friendly to human characters from what i know, though most of times, Tsukihime characters show hatred for vampires and monsters and want to kill them,
    for example, Ciel hates Arcueid whenever they meet, and since SHIKI turned into a vampire if i remember correctly because of his Inversion Impulse, Akiha acted like Shiki is her real brother and hoped that he would forget SHIKI)
    , and Arihiko is so funny and cool.

    3. Kyo Kusanagi from King of Fighters. He may be able to save some victims with his fighting skills, although at the same time, he's arrogant so, sometimes, some people in real life may be annoyed by him or dislike him unless if they can tolerate his personality.

    4. Slayer from Guilty Gear. To me, he looks like someone who is nice and cool, i can imagine he is someone who likes fighting strong people, and he would most likely be an awesome person who won't cause trouble or annoy others. Though fighting him would be scary surely. No one wants to be punched far far away to galaxy, that would be scary so, it's good Slayer holds back despite being very strong. (I think that's what his Instant Kill does do, right? He punches his opponent and they fly away to the galaxy or space from what i remember.)

    Game characters i WOULDN'T like to meet in real life: (unless if we somehow get some superpowers or abilities or if game heroes also existed at the same time villains did, maybe we would be safe)

    1. Most of KOF bosses. No, thanks, imagine meeting Rugal or Igniz or Magaki in real life or any other KOF boss. A lot of people would die... Not a good imagination.

    2. Nrvnqsr Chaos and/or Roa from Tsukihime and also Shiki Nanaya from Kagetsu Tohya and Melty Blood.
    Nrvnqsr's beasts would kill a lot of people and almost no one would survive, that would cause a lot of problems. Roa certainly looks dangerous too since he's immortal so, he may go around killing people while no one can do anything because of his immortality. Nanaya would kill people with his knife and from what i've played, he seems to be very fast and can also teleport if my memory serves me right so, not a lot of people would be able to fight him in real life.

    3. Most of MK bosses.
    Goro and Kintaro jumping on people and smashing them, Motaro firing fireballs, Shao Kahn killing people with his hammer and laughing how no one can stop him, and maybe Moloch or Onaga destroying a lot of places and Blaze burning everything and everyone. I don't want that to happen.

    But hey, let's think positive, some video game characters would be really cool to meet.
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    Default Re: Game characters you would like and you wouldn't like to meet in real life

    characters that I would like to meet: most of my waifus
    characters that I wouldn't like to meet: most male characters

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    Default Re: Game characters you would like and you wouldn't like to meet in real life

    I fell down the fate rabbit hole so any class except beserkers.

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