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    Default Reorder colors in palette automatically

    This has been bugging me every time I come back to Mugen to make something. So you know how if you convert your image to 8 bit, 1 color is your background, But that color doesn't come first (OK in Gimp is first in Fighter Factory is last bottom right corner). I had IrfanView because Floydd Steinberg dithering makes better 8bits than if you just Optimize with FFactory or even worse - lowered colors from Gimp which makes your image turn into oily paint. But either way IrfavView has ways to 'save transparent color' but again doesnt come first or even creates alpha channel off the magenta color and I need it 8bit.

    So I made a python script to swap the 1st color with wherever the Magenta is and tested if what I need. But it's not, because like in Gimp replace your first color (often black colors go first) with Magenta and you get the color entirely swapped. Which is why I think it is color reorder? Trying to do it like the Palette editor

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    Ah never mind... gimp has Map - Rearrange color map, I will seek if a script can automate for many images to not have to click one by one, and yes I should have looked for way to change position of color in palette, not change value of color , else black and magenta swap and becomes a mess, dark places go magenta
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