Okay, first of all Big 'bigbangbeat' fan. Never got to play the original game so I'm gonna love this review.

After watching some original gameplay, I must say this conversion is on point. Through my playthrough (Had this one for a while. at least a year or two) I have found no issues such as glitches or infinite loops. The button system is composed much like the original. Two attack buttons, an evade, a charge, and what should be burst (Though I haven't seen that yet. Possibly the only thing that might be missing). And of course, there is the boost you get by taunting. I believe it ups his defense. His sound and animation are both fine and very well done. His attacks, when practiced with are intense and fit his boxing-style. I've used him multiple times to handle characters with tough A.I. like Asuna and Kirito. Sadly, he has the same problem I find with many BBB characters: They just charge for about 80 percent of the fight so he's not fun to play against but VERY fun to play as.

Handling: 8/10
A.I.: 1/10
Sound & Sprites: 8/10
Over-All: 8/10

Worth a try if you want to get REALLY into the opponent.