Okay...This will need a minute cause I am really starting to like this guy.

First off, YES to super Fatalities at low health.

Each character I'm gonna mention acts NOTHING like a MK character but more like a mixture. Basically Mortal Kombat and street fighter had a kid with three of their deadliest ninja.

All of them have their own intros, specials, and none really copy the others move list (only exception may be the teleport, but they had that already)
Scorpion feels fresh and more MKX-like with that fire backflip along with Ermac and his teleport slam & grab. Each also has an individual weapon. (Scorpion with a sword, Sub-zero with his ice-blade, and Ermac with his Axe) which can easily be done by pressing a button and forward. (I believe it's HP)

Each also vary greatly in the range of their moves, depending on what strength of attack you choose (L, M, or H) and the supers...Oh...I'm so happy to see a scorpion that can breathe fire without having to FINISH HIM/HER first.

The button system is very different from any MK game as holding back blocks and you have six full button system and can Air-combo for days.

The sound is on point with each character, nothing weird or low. All good stuff. The sprites are also nice and clean, nothing too blotchy. or Trying for too much.

The A.I. on ALL of them is also pretty good, challenging actually. I find myself having to rethink my game-plan when I face any of them.
SeanAltly is on point with these characters. The only down-side may be if you're looking for more classic MK characters, but even still...These guys are a treat.

Scorpion, Ermac, and Sub-Zero:

Handling: 9/10
A.I.: 7/10
Sound: 10/10
Color: 10/10
Over-all: 8/10

Sorry I couldn't give proper respects to the others who helped make this great, but if you want, download the characters and see for yourself.
Thanks for reading. Now excuse me, a fatality is calling.