What's that? I'm back? YAAAS! Hello everyone. Long time since I wrote a review. life & things. Anyway, time to talk about the big man, the wrestling wonder, the mayor of mayors, HAGGAR! This version, made by SeanAltly (Mad thanks for making this character) is from Capcom vs The World.

As Always, let's break it down. The move list is solid and offers some variety to his combos. A bit difficult to pick up for maybe the first few times. However, after that he becomes BEASTLY! He does have a full six-button system. five attack buttons, one just for grabbing. two punches, three kicks. the last button (Z) is for breaking off his level 3 super. Haggar, in case you didn't know, is a grappler type. So getting in for grabs will do more damage. Of course, given his size his walk is rather slow but his run could surprise you. He has eight Supers, quite a few regular grabs, and some very hard-hitting punches and kicks in there too! A.I. wise, it isn't too impressive. He will defend himself, but I see more jumping than anything else. Going up against him is a bit easy. Now player-wise, he's a blast. He's currently my favorite character in my roster and I enjoy dropping kicks (and pipes) on my friends heads. His sound pack is gorgeous; nothing choppy or low and just an overall flow with his animation. No glitches as far as I see (about three weeks playing him now).

Handling: 9/10
A.I.: 3/10
Sound: 10/10
Color: 10/10
Over-all: 8/10

Thanks for readin. and remember, HIT IT LIKE HAGGAR!