Hi everyone! So, after some time (and free time) I decide to do my first review on Mugen.
So my review will be on the screenpack Mugen Fighting Jam
First of, this screenpack was inspired from the Capcom Fighting game "Capcom Fighting Jam" The game was originally a small crossover between many fighting game like Street Fighter 2, alpha and third strike but also Darkstalker and Red Earth.
Also, the game share the same sound track in the menu in the original game. I will admit than I have change those (maybe I don't really like them. I don't say it's bad music, but I found it too generic for me)
Plus, the game open with a pretty neat intro who represent well Mugen. A fighting game crossover. It's a really nice one.
During the fight, the life bar the one from CVS2 one. It's pretty nice.
Also, you want to know how many character you can put? Well...... it's over 1000

Yep. So, if you are scare too have too many character, you can put all of them here. Also, I you can put some hidden character too.
If I can give it one default is maybe the way to put the character in V-select is weird. I don't know how to explain but I can get use to it.
So, that all. If I need any screenshot, I will do my best.
Also, sorry for my English. It's not my main language.