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    Mad Stage Background is the BG of Another Stage


    For some reason, when I load up one of my stages, it goes to the background of a completely different stage. This makes no sense because the .sff in the Main Background Definition is pointed to the correct one, so why does it load the .sff of another stage? I even tried changing the name of the .sff to something else and it still went to the other stage's .sff!

    Not even deleting the other stage works. For some reason, the .sff of the stage that won't work just gets overwritten every time. I would like to have both of these stages, so it would be nice if there was an easy solution to this.

    Edit: I also used VSelect to add the stages.

    If it helps somehow, the stage that doesn't work is named "Colosseum", and the other stage is named "Cairo". I also used Fighter Factory 3 to make both stages in a simple way, with no animations or layers. Another thing to note is that the save as .sff button in FF3 seems to break after I make one.

    EDIT 2: It seems that redoing the .sff for the stage for the 3rd time fixed it somehow. Maybe I just had to do this .sff alone without redoing the other .sff? I don't really know, but I would still like an answer on why this happens so I can avoid it in the future.
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