In my Bowser Jr. V0.3 update, (Link here: I have Ludwig as an assist. One of his attacks has him repeatedly stomp the ground, sending fireballs into the air that then drop down. The problem I'm having is that they don't always do this. Sometimes they just go straight downwards. The main source of confusion is what I said before, that it does this "sometimes." Even with absolutely no changes being made to the character, the move functions perfectly or has the problem mentioned above. If anyone has any ideas on what could be causing this and/or how I could fix it, please let me know.
(There are multiple states that could potentially be relevant to this issue, so I will post the code for the ones I think are the most relevant, and if you'd like to see some others, you can just download the character.)

Ludwig's Idle Code:
Ludwig's Stomp Attack Code:
Ludwig's Fireball Helper Code: