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    Idea Allow Users to Post Links Regardless of Post Count/Have Comments Contribute to Count

    This is something I've wanted to talk about for a while. Users are not allowed to have links or attachments on their posts until they've made at least 10 posts. This has served as an obstacle in my last two posts, as they are entirely based on images, which I was not allowed to directly attached. This was not always the case, as evidence by my much earlier post, which had attachments. (Shown here:https://mugenarchive.com/forums/showthread.php?22984-Is-it-Possible-to-Lower-a-Character-s-Defense&p=68427&highlight=#post68427) I understand that the reason for this is to encourage community interaction, but I feel that removing such basic features isn't the best way to go about doing it. I often find these restrictions to be more of a discouragement to post, as the post itself will be more annoying to read, and there'll be no point to the post. Outside of progress updates, which have required images, and development help, which I usually don't need and also benefits from pictures, I haven't found much reason to start new threads. However, I have found plenty reason to reply to other threads. If these features are to continue being restricted, then I at least think that comments should contribute to gaining access to them. Even if they don't add as much, I still think it would be a very good inclusion. For example, what if it took 20 comments to unlock these features, as opposed to the lower count of 10 posts? Comments are a much more approachable way for users to interact with the community, and I feel that they should be taken into account because of it. If any admins are reading this, thank you for your time, and I hope you consider adding these features.

    EDIT: I found out that replies to posts do in-fact count towards the total. I'd originally assumed that they were treated the same way as comments on items. This alleviates a lot of my issues with this decision, however, I still feel that these features should be available to all users.
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