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    Default how to select an oponenet

    I wonder if its posible to have so the player can choose the oponenet (fatal fury did that for the first oponent), mostly to make it easy to test the fairness of the diferent chars to fight against each other.

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    Default Re: how to select an oponenet

    1) Open mugen.cfg (via Notepad) and check whether there is 0 or 1 next to "Allow Debug Keys =". If there is 0, change to 1.
    2) Open the game
    3) Go to "Watch Mode" or "VS Mode", better "Watch Mode".
    4) Select your char and an opponent. While there is the loading select screen, hold Left Ctrl and donīt get your hand out of that. Now when you are on the stage and characters are introducing, press 1 for a short time (under F1, no the numeric keyboard) if you selected Watch Mode or 2 if you selected VS Mode. Now you can stop pressing Ctrl.

    Thatīs all. I assume you have spanish keybord on Windows so there will probably be no problem and if there is, switch to english keyboard before you open the game. Hope it helps.

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