Well, I have a little project on works, which I'll show to you sometime in the near future. Before doing so, I'm practising on creating my own screenpack, and for that, I want to create an intro. I've watched some videos that teach that, but I had a bit of a problem. I tell you what I did: first I downloaded the X-Men animated series intro, both the audio and the video. I converted the mp4 file to an AVI file. I then used the RADvideo tool to turn the AVI file into a PCX file, scaling it to 320, 240. After that I opened Fighter Factory 3 and added every sprite. I saved it and then I opened wordpad to create the def file. I then moved the def file, the sff file and the mp3 file to the mugen data folder. I put "intro.def" on the intro.storyboard section of the system file hoping that I would run mugen and the first thing I was gonna see was the Xmen intro with the audio, but I was wrong, because when I run it I get a black screen with the music, and I don't really know what to do. I hope I have explained myself, if you need any more info ask and I'll tell you. If you know of any tutorial I'll appreciate it a lot. Any help is welcomed. Thank you very much, hopefully in a month you'll see the project or at least the screenpack.