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    Sad Character intros not playing with zipped characters.

    Hey guys, wondering if anyone else has noticed this problem...... you have all of your characters zipped to save space, and they all play just fine, except for the character storyboard intros and endings.... for whatever reason THOSE will not load from the zip file, Mugen simply ignores it like it was never available......... Any fixes for this, or do chars with storyboards just have to remain unzipped? Thanks for any help.

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    Default Re: Character intros not playing with zipped characters.

    I've just looked into it and it looks like a bug in the mugen executables indeed.

    My best guess is Mugen is unzipping to memory all files called in the character definition, but since intro sprites are called in intro definition, they're missed and mugen is acting as if they were missing. You better report it to elecbyte and hope they fix it.

    I do not recommend the use of zipped files anyway, since they make mugen slower and likely overuse fast memory (RAM). HDD space is cheap nowadays so I'm not sure it's worth the trouble.

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    Default Re: Character intros not playing with zipped characters.

    Thanks for confirming, I'll report it..... I guess it's not a big deal since only those characters with storyboards have to be unzipped.... even still though, my mugen folder is already over 2 gigs, even with all chars zipped, and I'm sure mine is probably one of the smaller ones, lol!

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