When I first got my new computer and once I got back mugen, I was experiencing small problems with it like unexpected crashing, I recently found solutions to stop it happening such as turning off the precache in the cfg file, installing the 4gb patch, and disabling certain things from startup in the task manager (like gfxtray for ex.), After all of that it handles perfectly, even when playing at 1280x720 resolution. However I also tried runnning as admin and switching the compatibility mode to Windows 7 (It was Windows 8 by default), but my real question is, does it really improve the less crashing problem with these two settings?

These ones --------> (run as admin/win 7 compatible)

Also another thing regarding to the config file, I know that precache is what mainly causes mugen to crash for me, but if I try to setup the Playercache to at least 4, is it still the same problem like precache.