Oh boy...HERE WE GO! One of my FAVORITE characters.

Straight outta my mind and into the side-notes. First and foremost, LOVE this girl. Her twisted past gives her a right t be angry when she is; VERY angry and her gameplay mimics that to a tee. All of her animations are smooth and she comes with both a jap and eng soundpack. Her A.I. is INSANE and quite cheap (but beatable actually...I really need to do something about uploading soon. Not sure when...) Anyway, she has a four button system (4 attacks and two left empty cause...she really doesn't need more.) She has a slew of specials, tag-in partners from the show (Nana and her papa) and one insta-kill. Her moves have a nice feel to them and hit VERY hard. Most of them having a knock-down feature to them. Her insta-kill is avoidable only by jumping. (blocking and attack are not really options unless you try for a cross-up. cross-up only if you KNOW it'll land before she bust off her move or AFTER you're sure it's over and she missed.) Only issue being she has only one palette to choose from. Other than that, she's darn near flawless. She is a distant fighter, however her physical attacks are enough to keep opponents away. (that or her two grabs which are also long-range). You want range, power, bloodthirst, and to be unreasonably OP while you control her...LUCY is the way to go.
Handling: 8/10
A.I.: 5/10 (CHEAP, but could be handle with tireless replays)
Overall: 9/10

Thanks for reading, hope to be back soon!
Quick Lucy Quote: "You Suffering? Does it hurt now? Don't worry. I'll put you out of your misery..."