Oh goodness...Where do I start.

First and foremost: CENSORS! They were a thing for a reason. How I thought this was another Shouta rip off. in a way, it is and in a way...it REALLY isn't. There are all the basic moves. Uppercuts, HAOD-KENS!, and...force fields? really now? So we just negate all energy shots? okay. In actuality, the commands are pretty standard: six button system, taunts, and openings. However...performing certain moves work differently. Such as Shuryuukens not being down with their motions but by pressing forward and back. Alright...He's also the only custom shouta I've seen with TWO 'Instant Hell-Death" Moves. One does moderate damage, done the normal way. the other....o.o WTH!?!? I JUST lost 65 percent health? alright...Playing him is a blast but he CAN be OP at times, depending on what you're doing. As far as the A.I. is concerned...Just stay on the offensive but BLOCK when you need to and you'll be fine. Voice pack is pretty ok. Only...a few lines could've been changed such as the one random Japanese voice that comes in at tyrones win screen.

With that, I hope to post more reviews in a REASONABLE timeframe.
See y'all later.
Oh and I'll be back for y'all wives.
LONG **** style! (Couldn't Resist )