Krayce from SPECTRAL vs GENERATION released, and Erile by Brown updated.
>Character 1

AI patch for "NHK's Goat" by Wakuwaku released;

*Goat by NHK

9 AI patches by Nanashi updated;

*Bonne Jenet & NGBC Mudman by Fervicante
*Lynn Baker by R.o.q.u.e.
*White Buffalo by Shimon
*Kyo Kusanagi & Freeman by K.O.D
*Mai Shiranui by Crazy Koopa & Dark-Shade
*Orochi Leona by Ahuron
*Kaede+Z by jjong1917

TerryXI by Beppu updated;

Goro by OMEGAPSYCHO released;

Serena and Main by Hyperhiroro updated;

Jotaro, DIO, Final DIO and Shadow DIO by Warusaki3 updated;