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    Smile Let's Talk Pokemon Nuzlocke House Rules

    From triumphant victories to getting screwed over by RNG, there is something appealing about Pokeman Nuzlocke runs.
    I wonder who all here has thought up of homebrew rules for their Pokeomang Nuzlocke runs.
    Currently I'm doing a Nuzlocke run for Yellow after finishing the Ruby run(Thanks Crit Hacks ) with the base rules along with my own rules added, which are listed below.

    1.Healing services(PCs or Mum's house) can only be used once each.
    2.TMs & HMs can only be used at safe locations in towns or cities, HMs & reusable TMs can only be used once on each pokemon.
    3.Berries cannot be grown, renewable berry sources such as trees or the Berry Master can only used once each.
    4.You can't use Legendary Pokemon or Pokemon with the Pickup ability. (Sorry Linoone )
    5.Mega Evolutions, Z-moves & Dynamaxes are banned from use.(not sure if people even do nuzlockes for games that have these things)

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    Default Re: Let's Talk Pokemon Nuzlocke House Rules

    i agree except for the no legendary rule because if you get lucky with the randomizer you should be allowed. if we're talking without the randomizer then they shouldn't be allowed

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    Default Re: Let's Talk Pokemon Nuzlocke House Rules

    Mine's pretty tame in comparison.

    -Pokeballs only
    -No exp share
    -No legendaries
    -No daycare
    -Anti-species clause (can use only one evolutionary line per run, if you run into a dupe in new area, tough shit, catch is wasted)
    -Shiny clause (cannot use at any point during the run, however)
    -Level cannot exceed that of the next gym leader/champion's highest (may require prior research)
    -no. of Pokemon in party cannot exceed opponent's when entering a gym leader battle

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