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    Wolverine Edit/Add-on 2017


    Wolverine is finally complete. This is an add-on version, basically MvC's Wolverine with new and extra attacks as well as the old ones. Expect infinites and some bugs here and there. All materials are free to the public to use however they like, please don't credit anybody for any of this. Wolverine belongs to Marvel Comics© and is fan-art in mugen. No permission required! Do not credit me. Everything I edit is open source to the public. This is absolutely non-profit and is strictly fan art. No commissions were accepted for this fan art. Do not pay for this in any way or give any kind of donation to me or anyone else. This is absolutely free and absolutely non-profit. Do not sell mugen or any of this please. It is illegal to do so. Enjoy!

    BTW in case anyone missed it, I encourage others to finish, fix, revamp, replace, this release. No permission or credit is necessary.

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    Now working on Spider-Man!

    As you guessed it, this spider-man is gonna have TAS voice and I'm gonna use ideas from various media outlets such as Spider-man movies, TAS, videogames, other mugen spider-man's, etc. Same deal to, I'ma look for a MvC1 version with tough a.i. and add-on to it with some modifications and possibly a new palette and stance? Not sure, but anyway, I'ma brainstorm today and do some research as well as choose my base to work from. After this I'll do something with Venom. Then I'll finally move onto Kang.

    This might take longer than Wolverine to complete as there is more stuff to do to this version.

    Years ago i made some awesome .gif animations but a lot of them went offline except maybe for 1 animation that I managed to save. If anyone saved the rest, please send them to me. thanks.

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    Presenting the new Spider-Man Project!

    Left is the default MvC model and on the right is a possible new stance edit?

    I've decided on this palette and I may change some of the other stuff that I personally don't like. For the rest of the night I'll be brainstorming again. I wanna get a good 8 specials total at least and redo almost every super/hyper. I'm not a fan at all of the Maximum spider combo super/hyper. I'd like to do more web based moves.

    Some ideas I've had all ready is have spider-man transform into man-spider or his six armed version to deliver triple the hits. Or fire web from every arm as p2 gets crushed into the wall? Another idea is have him dawn the iron-spiderman armor from TAS. He can do a barrage of missles and lasers. Of course another idea is the symbiote black suit as well however I do not want to use the popular hyper/super combo but rather do something original with it. I know the suit enhanced spider-man's strength considerably so I may have him lift hundreds of tons like a ship or something as venom has demonstrated in the comics to be able to do. I also like the idea of the symbiote itself attacking for spider-man and the web has been shown to be superior, maybe I could just exaggerate the web shootings a bit like have him shoot a thousand shots a second? Maybe have him violently choke P2, as the symbiote amplifies aggression, it would make a lot of sense?

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    man i want those dbz characters so bad

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    Quote Originally Posted by Azai94 View Post
    man i want those dbz characters so bad
    The Goku I have there is just amazing, I added a fly mode with special fly moves. Goku is 100 MB size character with everything I could think of. He is ready for a re-release but he needs a sprite update to look like his stance a little more.

    Android 16 is going to be the hardest one to do because his sprite are from PSX Ultiamtebattle22. They are resized and edited heavily to mirror extreme butoden/z2. He is around 2% complete :P

    The Grand Kai and Piccolo have a lot done on them and their features are all planned out and ready to execute in detail but progress is on hold until other things get done (non-DBZ related) in mugen.

    The boss character Dr.Raichi is still going through design work and the base isn't certain yet or what he will do exactly. He's more of an idea really, I'm not even sure if he should be a fighter. I actually thought of making him a giant final boss type character, as a ghost I always imagined him being able to do something like that and I'd like him to fight similar to MvC Apocalypse Boss. I probably won't even make a regular fighter form but he may just transform into a giant that unleashes ghost warriors occasionally. Probably gonna be like Onslaught/Apocalypse? Not sure?

    As for Bardock, I'm not sure what exactly I'm gonna do with him either, i don't wanna reuse the extreme butoden setup but rather I wanna remix the character entirely reusing his sprites to make new moves and animations. I was thinking of editing him to look battle damaged to, similar to Goku, bloody, broken armor, vainy, etc. Even creating my own special attacks and supers not really being canon at all but original.


    As for Insect Cell, I would like to create him into a full character with jumps, get hits, and everything but with a twist, instead of fusing with android upgrades he would instead learn super saiyan transformations. Not sure how I will portray that though? I don't wanna totally change his design but at the same time I'd like to visually portray that. I may definitely change his eyes to a glowing yellow instead of green? Maybe enhance some skin colors to appear more green instead of yellow like saiyan hair and have something spike up? I may add more muscle to? I don't know at this time.

    DBZ is gonna be on hold for a while until i can complete my older full game projects. My goal is to finish all games by 2020 and then retire for good. I will say that Ghast has some incredibly awesome and original moves witch will make Piccolo look like an amateur by comparison. He's so good I don't even like Piccolo anymore, that's how much better he'll be. This is gonna be the Namek everyone always wanted but never came to be. I was really dissapointed when Piccolo fused with kami because I was expecting something like Ghast to happen but in the end he was quickly over powered and then shoved to the background again.

    Also i don't know if I mentioned this before but the grand kai was done very much for the same reason, we were promised something extraordinary and then the show turned him into nothing. So he was put in this game to see what possibilities could happen in a dbz world where the grand kais never existed. However i was inspired by Don Kaio, the Majin Buu looking Supreme Kai of the supreme Kais. He has some incredible ideas behind him and i wanna push the dbz boundaries with the grand kai and make him do really spectacular stuff no one has done yet. I'm talking energy bubbles, machine gun kai streams, body enlargements, swallowing opponents, super bright white light eye beams that burn under those sunglasses like cyclops from x-men, and more!

    I'm very excited about Gast and Kai, they will truly be spectacular additions to Goku and sadly the rest of the game will be sad by comparison since these 3 will really set the standard incredibly high. I don't see the rest of the game measuring up to what i plan to do with these 3. I may just have to end the game as incomplete since the rest of it will pretty much be for nothing. I just don't feel like the rest are necessary. They aren't as interesting/refreshing nor are they gonna be unique and creative fighters. I really have to figure something out with the rest of the game in order to make the whole thing satisfying because if not then it's hardly a worthy full game without the rest of it working together. They have to be something not seen before and they have to do things no one expects them to do but at the same time totally seem possible and canon somehow if that makes any sense. That's my criteria for this fullgame/characters.

    My very original goal from the start was to reinvent DBZ for numerous reasons, many of them being the following. The standard DBZ fighter based on the anime has been done justice many times all ready, both by fans and official games. You have the Ultiamte Battle series which looks exactly like the show with perfect standard moves. Then the GB games, all of them really giving you the best experience possible. Then moving onto Choujin, like an older arcade style but accomplishing the same goal. Then Z2, basically redoing the same feat in the Capcom style. After that Extreme Butoden just topping everything else in everything and now there is a new dbz game coming out that basically out does that which is exactly like the old anime!

    I could just do another Goku, another Vegeta, another Piccolo, and any of the same minor characters again doing the same exact moves no matter how you change them OR I could take this opportunity to really do not just a rewrite but do it better with original twists and originality.

    Too early to tell if the mugen community will want that and be happy with the results but at the very least I'm on board with it and I'm honestly preferring it over the same old same old usual clones. Because honestly i can play 3-6 different piccolos for mugen and they'll do the same exact thing or I can have a Namek that's not piccolo but at the same time more awesome, more powerful, and totally different. Nameks tend to all look alike but Ghast has the unique traits that make him part Lord Slug and part Nail and maybe part Guru ;)


    Yeah these 3 are gonna make (just like DBM) dbz good again in my opinion. I wish I could even animate my own cutscenes and give the gamers more like how the original Raichi OVA video game cutscenes did but this will have to do I'm sad to say. The way i played out the story in my head is anime good imo. I wish i could share the episodes with everyone if only it were possible.

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    Okay to be honest I was on a break for a while not doing anything with the character but recently i did a ton of work on him so here's the update news on spider-man. Many ideas and resources came from sei, JedDrago, and zvitor's spidermen characters.

    Moveset is complete,

    we're looking at 6-8 specials


    4 supers/hypers

    as well as some bonus moves that work in special situations such as when wall clinging or in a grab attack.

    Other than that, i edited almost all the basic moves with new fxs and physics. He's no longer a direct MvC rebuild but now he fights more customized. I have mostly all the special attacks all ready sprited and compiled in the character package though i just need to code it up to get it playing. I can't really show previews of this stuff because it's nothing spectacular or unique and a ton of it you probably all ready seen in other spider-man mugen characters.

    However i will outline what I have and what i plan to do. Side note: My personal goal is to utilize spiderman more efficiently as a fighter as well as representing his full potential and possibilities. I also wanna try and implement spider based qualities because I feel that spiderman should do a lot more than just web stuff. Also he needs to emphasize his spider-like powers. Spider-man should leap more, float a little, more acrobatics, because Capcom and mugen builds really down played his natural powers and abilities.


    Spider Swing: default mvc version.

    Webb Throw: default mvc version.

    Impact Webbing: Based on Acclaim's spiderman game; spider-man will shoot a charged up webb ball that will explode on impact! Opponent drops to fall.

    Double Webb Stream: Similar to Impact webbing except it's a thicker webb line that pushes the opponent all the way to the wall before it ends w/damage.
    (think fire hydrant/hose)

    Webb Lasso: Spider-man shoots a line and yanks the opponent towards him. I'm thinking about following that up with a mortal kombat scorpion combo style uppercut!
    (uppercut will be half fulgore claw and half spider-man uppercut w/webb fist/ball uppercut)
    "Alternative: Instead of uppercut, back flip kick into the air!"

    Zip-line Drop Kick: Spider-man zip-lines towards his opponent and at contact spider-man adjusts himself for a point blank double drop kick as opponent flies into the wall.

    The following are pending approval

    *Spider-Stomp: Spider-man shoots himself up like a grasshopper and then comes down on opponents head for a squishy stomp!

    *Object Swing: Spider-man pulls up a rock with his webb and starts swinging it around with a spinning momentum doing multiple hits!

    *Glide Mode: Activates when on wall at full power bars. Spiderman glides in any direction damaging anything he touches in his path with impressive speed using web based gliders.


    Spiderman Webb Slam: default MvC version.

    Web Ball Flurry: Zvitor's webb ball attacks but this time faster and like 100 instead 3-4.
    (think machine gun!)

    Spider-Strength: Spiderman webbs every corner and pulls his surroundings down to collapse around the opponent.
    (think raining rubble/ceilings and walls falling over around you)

    Man-Spider: Spidey transforms into manspider Hulk style and then spews tons of poisonous acid at his opponent after a predator style roar. Then reverts back to normal.
    (Think zombie clone marco from metal slug using bloody vomit up sweep or dhalsim flame thrower super/hyper without player control)

    The following are pending approval

    Symbiote-Spiderman: The symbiote takes over and an aggressive double-handed webb stream traps p2 in a webb sack. Spider-man will then swing over his opponent repeatedly; up to 4 times!!!
    (move based on MvC's Venom's special and Wonder Woman lasso Super/Hyper)

    Armored Spiderman: Spiderman ironmans out his opponent! The armor falls down on Spidey and he quickly fires a red laser from above his wrist that pushes back his opponent steadily and then leaves them in a daze. Spiderman then rockets at his opponent like superman until both end up and hit the wall. At that point blank distance spiderman will activate the armored suits electrical defense and the opponent will be electrocuted by the armors close proximity contact. He then reverse jets away from his opponent while rockets launch under his arms and then gets followed up by machine-gun bullets from above his wrists. The machine gun will first hit the opponent before the rockets do. The rockets will reach the opponent afterwards but will be hit by both machine gun and rockets continually. Then Spiderman does a tony stark taunt pressing his wrist as a massive blue vertical laser from a satellite (presumably(not depicted in super/hyper)) comes down on the opponent to finish off the opponent. Super Bomb sound effect and splash fxs from super metroid samus as the attack closes out.


    Intros, Taunts, Victories, etc.

    Intro: Okay a flash happens off camera :p and thugs turn around to look, 1 thug gets pulled up, another is caught by his feet and dragged off into another direction and the remaining thug makes a run for it only for spiderman to land on him. Camera continues to flash during the whole thing.
    "Alternatively the running thug is shot by a web projectile that pushes him all the way back out of camera as he is about to escape out of frame!"

    Spiderman is in pain and grows more arms and looks at his hands in horror as victory.

    Spider-sense taunt from head!

    Removed and or denied

    Some things i felt were poor decisions either by Capcom or previous mugen interpretations. These are the things I'm leaving out or getting rid of.

    *web cartridges - It takes time to load, it sucks running out in the middle of the fight and a super/hyper just to refill? You're wasting my time....
    (I may use it as an intro however?!)

    *spider-sense - It doesn't serve a purpose practically though zvitor's idea is brilliant I feel that it still lacks substance in that for a fighter, it needs to be seen and realized immediately in the moment.
    (I may use it as an intro however?!)

    *Spiderman belt signal - Probably the worst comic based idea ever. It's neat story wise when spiderman needs to see in the dark but it has no application in a fighter or anything else besides seeing in the dark. Why does spiderman need a bat signal? He's carrying the damn thing to, does he signal himself? That's DUMB!

    *spider bug tracker - Again no real use in an intro or in a fight. Useless here but a good plot element for the comics/tv/movies.

    *maximum spider and spiderman combo - These two from Capcom are terrible ideas. They must have just simply ran out of ideas and said, "lets give him even more punches and kicks"

    *web ball shot/trap - MvC version; it's okay but I personally feel this type of trap/attack is more fit for a super/hyper than a special move and I personally feel if spiderman had to trap someone in web it would come from a stream, not a web shot.

    *web parachute - Again not really useful in the fight...
    (I may use it as an intro however?!)

    *Spider-Glue - An interesting idea but I hate to wait for my attacks to work. Opponents can avoid traps they see and just preparing the trap leaves you open to attack. That's why i hate bomb set ups, freeze grenades, etc. in mugen fighters and in fighters in general. Lets just cut to the chase, i have 12 more opponents to defeat after this!!!

    *web bomb/explosion - It's a really great idea but it just never felt natural for normal spiderman to use. Maybe best suited for a different version that will seem more likely accomplished in them than this wall crawler.

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    Okay I have impact webbing done and double web streams completed!

    I couldn't get the web streams screenshot because the a.i. hardly used it. But this one here is the web impact. Sorry I couldn't give .gif demonstrations but the coding does most of the work. All you would see in those previews would be spiderman shaking his hands and fists. I hate using screencaps and even worse resizing images X(

    I'm also remapping some controls for the specials. Both of these specials have a lot of nice fxs. More coming maybe tomorrow or the day after when I get around to coding some more.

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    Spiderman now has a mortal kombat like scorpion spear attack/pull and it's followed up by spider sting which has been visually modified with a web fist/boxing knuckle glove!

    Also web throw was apparently missing so i added that one from other spiderman characters. Unfortunately I am all ready detecting bugs (no pun intended) but they aren't horrible like some other bugs, at least from what I could see. I'm okay with releasing something with minor bugs so long as it doesn't ruin the match by getting some character in a constant loop or a permanent floating off screen and anything major like that.

    Spiderman is currently at 5 specials, all unique. I may re-include web ball if I can figure out a way to differentiate it from the other attacks and give it some new functionality? So maybe I have 6 specials here total fully working right now with 2 new ones coming up next and 1 special one (fly mode).

    I'm probably gonna cancel spider-stomp as I have a regular attack very similar now to that idea but I've been thinking about modifying the super jump with web pulley assistants?!

    *Next specials and final specials will be object swing and web zip-line into a double kick press into a wall.

    BTW I am thinking of resizing spiderman a little. I always liked how in tas he was more muscular rather than stringy like in some of the more popular comics. I understand that it's more spider-like to portray spiderman small and skinny with superb flexibility but a hero always needs to look powerful and well heroic and I hate how his strength is very underplayed. Spiderman actually has great strength. It's not as easy for him or probably as great as some others but he can do some amazing feats.

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    Okay the web zipline special is complete and it looks wonderful with all its final touches. That's all the main button combination specials. There is just 1 bonus special, the object swing w/step momentum for multiple hits. However now I think instead of an object, spiderman should swing a web sack with supposedly holding an object inside. This way he will play more universally regardless of what stage he is on since some stages might not have rocks or junk lying around.

    After this it is just the spider-man gliding (fly mode) and then the final supers/hypers.

    After that it's a release ;)

    So just 5 things left!!! Then a download for everybody ;)

    Also in other news, this spiderman is being considered for his own fullgame by a buddy of mine going by the name Angelues-Silverhead. He has a spider-man TAS fullgame and he has a venom wip as well as being the head of the project. This project all ready has my Ironman, Red Skull, and Captain America as well as my incomplete Scorpion (Marvel).

    Web of Spider-man full game project!!!

    Side Note: I'm no longer with that forum as they don't share my mugen sharing beliefs; however I still have many projects and wips there that i intend to finish and release for either myself or to whomever I promised it to. Though I am no longer a part of that forum anymore I would like to still complete my projects but I don't intend on posting there again. I will only exclusively participate in private ONLY; and then when i'm done I won't be visiting there anymore period unless mugen policies change but I won't hold my breath...

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    More news and updates.

    I just gave spiderman his new super/hyper. It's zvitor's spider web bullets except X100. I'm in the process of giving him his old ultimate web super/hyper, apparently the base I'm using didn't have it done...D'oh!

    So that's a delay I have to work with.

    EDIT: I just added the super....man that was a lot of work.... :C

    Also I decided to turn the object swing bonus special into a super/hyper. That way the attack can be extended a bit more and really fill that slot as a decent super/hyper. So in total for sure I'ma have 4 supers/hypers total and the other stuff that is pending will have to come another time or be ditched altogether.

    As for the spider-man glide/fly mode/attack I am thinking of modeling the animations after storm from x-men, she has a flying intro from her fighting game appearances. Spider-man and storm seem to fly very similar so I think that will work out well.

    In other news I fixed and updated a lot of the new sspecials so now they are less buggy and more pleasing to the eye. I replaced spdier-man's web ball with cyrax's (MK3) net trap special. It totally works and looks awesome. I also modified the move to quickly drain the opponent as the web net shrinks the opponent to death before breaking.

    The old web trap net special has been combined with the old web glue idea that I previously refused to use LOL

    So now the special will have not only a freezing effect but a difficult sticky situation if not avoided entirely.

    Spider-sting as a normal special has been modified to include and after image effect as well as a forward dash. Similar to Fulgore's claw attack. I didn't like how the attack was just so plain and too similar to spider-man's other uppercut punch so this ehklps along with the web fist boxing glove uppercut combo. I should definitely make it multi-hit to! That's a great idea right there!!!

    On a personal note I think this spider-man is all ready doing some outstanding stuff. I'm really happy with what I'm forming here. This has elements from JEDDragon and zvitor and Seth Zankuten and Sei/Intermission plus MvC's spiderman and then some of my own new stuff. This spiderman is just overloaded with everything but the kitchen sink and it's really gorgeous! I think you are all really gonna like this!

    I'm also considering giving spider-man a new walk animation. An upright walk animation! I all ready have an excellent base perfect for him and pretty cleaqn to so an easy edit overall. Now this spider-man is gonna be really different now!

    Also i didn't really wanna do a storyline for this, I just wanted a straight up arcade experience but I can't help but wonder about a plausible scenario?

    So my new working fullgame title is "Marvel vs The Avengers"

    So basically team Avenger's Captain America, Ironman, and Thor versus Marvel's team of Spider-man, Wolverine, and Hulk?!?!?! I'm still trying to figure out how and why they would clash and for what good reason? IO like the team up of spider-man and wolverine since in tas they had an episode together with Beast and Wolverine and Hulk go way back together in the comics and also have a stand alone animated movie together as well.

    Maybe the story can revolve around the Hulk? Perhaps the Avengers wanna cure Banner but The Hulk wants to to stay as himself and that causes strife between the two groups while their enemies take advantage of this. I have no idea how Galactus and kang will get involved so not sure about that as a story.

    I may just do a cheap sprite collage of the struggle with Hulk in the middles looking confused as the two groups clash before the game starts with a very brief plot description with some music. Just a 1 or 2 frame thing just to get the gist of it. I can maybe do it after the intro trailer.

    I've also been thinking about either using MvC's game history of soundtracks regardless of their previous use for this full game's use or ditch wizzy's music all together in place of more fitting character specific music instead. I may just do the latter. Wizzywipitz music is very fitting for MvC style games but at the same time a lot of his stuff is lack luster. I appreciate that he made custom tracks for my original MSH stage collections in the past and they were okay for a while but I feel that the music we were all using previously was more powerful in terms of battling familiar and great personalities.

    I mean just to hear a spider-man score from the good movies over a generic stage track totally gets you lost in the moment of battle and really does the experience more justice.

    He has a few good tracks but I don't know if they'll remain or get replaced by stronger works of art.

    I've also been planning on reworking the character portraits to match the MvC1/MSH ones. So i'll need to either clean up a lot or totally redo them from scratch or a fitting base.

    Speaking of portraits, I am thinking of customizing the select screen icons. Looking back at the typical 25X25 size squares and then comparing that to arcade classics such as MSH, well the difference really adds something special to it all. I'ma have to do some research and look at comic book styling to get some creative ideas to see if I can take it up a notch. I really wanna improve my game's overall presentation and really make it the best it can be but also make it the go-to choice for all your MSH mugen needs.

    I know that's asking too much especially with all the serious competition out there to on top of all of that but this has been an old dream of mine way back since I first started the hobby and I know it's a premature wish but I think I can maybe make it happen now since so much progress has been accomplished. So I'ma give it a try, there really is nothing else for me to lose anyway seeing is I hit rock bottom from the start in the community LOL

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    Keep it up man, I really enjoyed your work so far, except good ol' wolverine, cuz it doesn't work on 1.0. But hey, I guess I'll be waiting for the full game to fire up the experience.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kefko View Post
    Keep it up man, I really enjoyed your work so far, except good ol' wolverine, cuz it doesn't work on 1.0. But hey, I guess I'll be waiting for the full game to fire up the experience.
    He doesn't work on 1.0!?!?!?

    How in the world did I do that? LOL

    Well Wolverine is probably one of my best ever so you really should try getting a winmugen. However I do plan to update everything for the final game so maybe you do wanna wait? I've all ready seen a ton of stuff I wanna fix just from playing my own game. I'm probably gonna add a few new moves to some of the old ones to or alter current ones.

    Yeah looking back I'm glad i released betas of all this stuff before. I think it worked out better in the end. Everyone gets a wip preview but also stuff from alter on makes its way in and makes the fullgame desirable to. I hate it when a fullgame comes out and it has the same exact character from the release prior with no updates/add-ons. I mean it's great to get it complete on the first release but in time you get new or better ideas and it's an added bonus to have a surprise in the new updated version that people will downlaod just to see and have.

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    I just added spiderman's new walk and I think it's pretty decent. The top half is static but I don't think it's terrible as it kinda works like MK3 fighters. It blends pretty well to. I also remapped spider-sting/boxing web glove as the bonus special, similar to captain america's edit. So now it's a dual bunch button combination. Also I decided to do the web-bomb cocoon thing by JEDDRAGON's amazing spiderman but instead I'm gonna use it for the man-spider metamorphosis to start off the super/hyper. I think it'll be a good way to transition the transformation. I always hated how for any character a transformation always stopped the fight for a a while which in my opinion really killed the action. Particularly the DBZ characters. Yeah it was great to recreate the thing from the show/series but for a fighter it takes too long. If the transformation did an attack though then it becomes useful even though there is a transformation/power up. In my Goku update I did that for his powering up in that I have rocks flying around, lovely sharp rocks ;)

    Also if I forgot to mention it before, I finished the ultimate web throw super/hyper from msh/mvc. It took forever but thankfully it's over now. I wouldn't have added it if it wasn't so good so i just had to have it.

    So now I'm back on track to do the last 2 final supers/hypers, man-spider & object swing.

    After that I should be done. I want the web gliding/fly mode in but I really hate to do more work. So i don't know for now if I'll save it for later?

    I really want to move onto Venom and then finally kang the Conqueror to finally finish and complete this game once and for all.

    I'm also thinking of altering spiderman's default X button punch for a more upright version. He has a bow legged horse stance in that attack move because of his old stance which really doesn't fit as well anymore because of the change. though every other move still works well.

    Also if I failed to mention this before I changed web-ball into Cyrax's web-net, but it still functions the same as spiderman's web ball though. I didn't think it would blend well but it turned out okay with a few minor edits.

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    I just sprited spiderman's object/web-sack swing and slam/throw. I think it's going to be programmed as a 4 hit combo, with the final 4th hit a slam/throw. It was a simple sprite edit but it's a little more work because of the size of the action going on.

    It looks visually similar to this but it's basically web throw.

    On another task I'm trying to figure out what man-spider is going to be. I saw one where it's a dead on sprite edit but then there is one where malevka did a sabretooth base which is a more Capcom solid base plus it's really huge making it more intimidating as a horrible mutation threat. I may have to do my own edit of that with my little touches. So that's gonna take some time and a lot of work unfortunately.

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    The web-sack object swing super/hyper is now complete and working marvelously!!!

    Just fly mode and man-spider super to go and it's all finished. I just have to re-organize my to-do list to make sure I have what I need for the first release and what I'll set aside for the final fullgame add-ons for the final refined release which will take a little more time to complete per character.

    I'm gonna definitely try to upgrade the A.I.

    The base all ready has an a.i. but it still feels weak to me so hopefully i can get my usual marvel vs dc template a.i. in there or Z2 A.I. alternatively. I also use Thor's A.I. but I think the other 2 are a lot more aggressive.

    I also slightly increased spiderman's size and it looks good on him. I still have to go back and add the extra little color details, the extra shades in spiderman but that should only take 10-30 mins easily though I'm saving that after I have the character completed first.

    I also added a swinging sound I found in symbiote spiderman for his ultimate web super, the one where he swings the opponent into a floor slam.

    For sure next i'm gonna try ripping TAS voice and sound fxs. It'll be hard to find clean bits but I'm sure it'll work just fine either way irregardless of the final result.

    I was looking at an openbor version for him where he has a running animation rather than his mvc hop. I think a run animation would be cool for spiderman though I don't know if it'll make it into this release. Also I beefed up spiderman's mvc run/hop and I'm not sure if i wanna change it since it works pretty well and looks awesoem to.

    I gotta make some tough decisions soon. It's hard to compromise, it really is...

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    Sorry again, I've been lately distracted by other stuff so I haven't done any work until recently. I have the first part of the final super/hyper all ready sprited where spiderman with 6 arms builds a web cocoon/shield around him. The next part will be him emerging in a web explosion to web trap into the wall his target and spray the opponent with acid afterwards for the finale.

    I'm using sprites again from malveka, jeddragon, and zvitor.

  17. #77


    Okay i finally worked out the man-spider design and he is currently being built. Hopefully someone like Malveka will take what I have done and turn this into a full character. i remember him expressing that he wanted to do a man-spider character?

    I've also been playing around with the idea of have spider-man fire web lines or web-balls from clinging on the wall? Sorta give the player a reason to do it. Maybe it results in really cheap quick life draining health attacks?

    Hopefully i can at least get this spriting done and then maybe later hopefully code it once and for all.

  18. #78


    Man-spider sprites are complete!!!

    I just need to code the hyper/super.

    I've also decided to cancel the fly-mode and instead turn it into a wall special maneuver where spider-man glides head first at the opponent for multiple hits. The special will work really well from the wall as it is a proper launching point to start the attack from.

    The main reason for the change is unlike Link's (Zelda) version the fly mode version would hardly serve as a useful fighting purpose. I could make it deal damage constantly for anyone to get hit in its path but in my opinion it would feel really unnatural to have constant control of something like this without it being a super/hyper. So for that reason it's being changed into a wall special. Also the wall special would act just as a normal special so it's timing would fit better as this kind of attack. On top of that I don't think necessarily that spider-man can actually fly up with this but rather only glide down. He might be able to pick up with a proper updraft but that's too complicated for this type of fighter in general.

    After these last 2 things are in place I think it'll be ready for a first release! However I will also need to beef up the A.I. but that shouldn't be too difficult nor should it take long either. The thing that might delay this now though is the voice rips/fxs from TAS!

    The planned new intros/victories will be left for the fullgame release so don't expect anything there for the first spider-man release.

    On a side-note, while looking for more/alte4rantive special attacks for spider-man I came up with a fitting movelist for metal-spiderman. I don't plan on doing one nor a symbiote version either but I have some really great ideas just in case so who knows what will happen in the future! ;)

    Also I'm still not sure if I should do a full run animated animation and a new standing light punch attack? Maybe they should be considered for the final release rather than the initial release? Anyway, that's all for now. By this new week he should be releasable so check in frequently in case he gets that early release!!! :)

  19. #79
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    Aug 2017


    congratulations for the good work, i hope play this mugen.

  20. #80


    Oh I think you'll enjoy it as long as you're not uptight about balance, infinites, and small stuff like that.


    I have some bad news, or good news depending how you look at it? I was finishing up looking through some sprites and cleaning up a sheet of sprites and i suddenly started building new ideas and lo' and behold!!! I created new specials :P

    So it's gonna take longer to finish this first release. Sorry friends. Disregard this week's eventual release and wait a bit more....

    On the upside, spider-man now has hard A.I. It doesn't work the way it's suppose to because i just couldn't figure out the problem but at least now he uses everything at random and he does so aggressively. In the test trials he has beaten everyone multiple times including T.O.P.S.'s Venom! A notoriously hard character to beat!!!

    Also also man-spider super/hyper is fully completed!! The attack is very brief but creatively engenius and delivers the punch/finale. It features audio clips from Predator and Predator 2 (films) as the man-spider's voice!!

    Flying-Spiderman special is also fully sprited, as well as a spiderman wall special web attack as well as a follow up to spider-man's hard kick attack and a new special identical to wolverine's adamantium claw take down attack w/wall impact! Much of all of this stuff was ripped and edited from Zvitor's spiderman but again edited and combined with my own stuff.

    Now just to tirelessly code this stuff in ( I really hate myself right now...) and then include the animated series voice and sound fxs and he's fully done for his first release. I won't likely code his new intro stuff but I'll leave the sprites in the character for 2 reasons. First reason is so i don't lose that work if I should happen to lose the character and mugen archive goes down for some reason and 2nd to give you the audience these resources early and a look into what i have planned for the full-game.


    On a personal note I'm gonna have to take a small break to right now because all that spriting and coding has exhausted me to the point of wanting to quit (DON'T PANIC!!!) though that's out of the question at this point with so much done and so very little left...I just wish this could finish itself.

    In total I probably have about 45 character left to complete for all my projects combined!!!! Xo


    ....and not including my breaks....

    Though my goals for this year is finish the full games of "Marvel vs the Avenger" and "Pokemon"

    2018 will be "DragonBallX" and the rest are sort of - I just stopped caring but I'll have to finish them just because I have them still unfinished... *sigh* So "the Adventures of Batman" & "Mortal Kombat After-Realm" will be next either or. As for the other projects, they aren't necessarily needed anymore or good enough where they are at. So I'll just leave that on the table and check it out later.

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