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    That sounds really cool. Now I got to check that manga out.

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    These look really cool! :)

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    These look awesome

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    Thank you my fellow mugen lovers.

    A quick update it seems I'm going to finally get a hold of the new Venom spritesheet soon so I'll be working on that to touch it up with my personal editing. I've also come up with some new special attacks/a new move-set. I don't know if mugen gamers really appreciate new gameplay or unique attacks (it hardly matters it seems) but I like to go the extra mile and make old characters do mostly brand new things if possible. I don't understand it how people don't seem to get tired of the same exact character being repeated with the same exact attacks but somehow being a top pick because of a simple tweak or fxs change....Not saying it's wrong to like simple edits like that but just hard for me to understand what's so spectacular about it considering how mugen lets you accomplish so much more with its endless possibilities?

    I feel as if Ryu can probably do a lot more than just hadokens but sadly that's all he's ever programmed to ever do...

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    Quote Originally Posted by A x ◿ View Post
    Thank you my fellow mugen lovers.

    A quick update it seems I'm going to finally get a hold of the new Venom spritesheet soon so I'll be working on that to touch it up with my personal editing. I've also come up with some new special attacks/a new move-set. I don't know if mugen gamers really appreciate new gameplay or unique attacks (it hardly matters it seems) but I like to go the extra mile and make old characters do mostly brand new things if possible. I don't understand it how people don't seem to get tired of the same exact character being repeated with the same exact attacks but somehow being a top pick because of a simple tweak or fxs change....Not saying it's wrong to like simple edits like that but just hard for me to understand what's so spectacular about it considering how mugen lets you accomplish so much more with its endless possibilities?

    I feel as if Ryu can probably do a lot more than just hadokens but sadly that's all he's ever programmed to ever do...
    Oh I totally know what you mean. This is basically the same exact thing with KOF. There's waaaaaay too much KOF here. And most of them barely look and or seem different. At least with Mario there's many, many power-ups you can use to make yours different. But most people ether make him with M&L series sprites or just edit or use Super Mario since that Mario is super popular and basically everyone owns him. Yeah people should try to be more original considering this game is almost 20 years old.
    Check out my website, or maybe not...


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    Okay well I think waiting a month or more was enough... So I'm just gonna do my own edit using various sources. I have to finish my games and I just can't wait on others any more. I'm going to make a personal edit of T.O.P.S. version of Venom. I wanted to start from a MvC1 base but the T.O.P.S. version has a lot of what i like in there so I'm gonna save myself some time and just use his work. I'm gonna remove a lot of the stuff i don't like and replace it with new stuff I want. I'm most definitely gonna remove that snake symbiote effect. I never liked Capcom's attack designs so I'm looking elsewhere to come up with alternative moves. Some moves I have in mind are new, others based on other Venom depictions, and it's again from the same usual sources, such as T.V., movies, videogames, and comics.

    It's a shame I couldn't have done a Halloween Venom release, it would have been perfect but what are you gonna do when time is against you... :P


    I'm also gonna try and skip most of the spider-man ability details such as wall crawling and webbing for the most part. I feel it's important not to have a clone and well with venom it's all ready a bad start but perhaps I can make him more different to really give an alternative playthrough. So the idea is not to have him web based but rather to ahve him symbiote based for obvious reasons. So he's gonna use his symbiote suit rather than his webs. Also he's going to be more brawler than acrobatic trapper and maneaver based.

    Initially for the roster in choosing spider-man's rival I did once think of other choices besides Venom because I did want to avoid a clone issue fighter, by that I mean what Ken is to Ryu from Street Fighter. Unfortunately despite Spider-man having outstanding Villains none other could rival him best than the alien monstrosity known as Venom. I did consider Carnage to but in the end Venom was just a better choice overall. Carnage is superior, more evil one could say and uniquely more dangerous in what he can do but Venom has a very solid design that stands out better over spider-man and looks better as a polar opposite artistically. Also Venom makes up for what he lacks in weapon morphs with just being massively greater in strength and power. Also his backstory is very interesting and is far more complex and better well written overall.

    So in conclusion Venom is the only choice to rival spider-man and that is why he's being done over Carnage, the Green Goblin, etc. for this fullgame.

    So far i have implemented the new color scheme and stance into TOPS version. Now I am going to remove the junk I hate and possibly remap the commands to better suit my personal game play style. After that I'll sprite, animate, and code the new stuff in and polish the rest for a release.

    I won' be altering the voice as it is all ready using TAS voice clips and I prefer those rips over other rips as they just fit better in my opinion. I really didn't like Activisions voice recordin and other ones I heard I just couldn't get into. TAS itself just did a lot of things right and it did it well right from the start from its voice cast to its choices in art decisions. There are a few things I didn't like that kinda felt odd here and there but I still prefer it over a lot of the other medias that tried to do spider-man.

    Just as a quick example I never liked TAS Doc 'Oc, I felt that was kinda flat and generic but some of the comics had a really nice design and even the movie was damn perfect for a movie version. Though TAS Lizard was miles better than the movie version or the comic version so none of it is perfect but there are good ones here and there and TAS mostly got a lot of it right for me so i stick to it for a lot of decisions and inspirations.

    Well anyway i'm gonna get to work on what i outlined. If I can produce anything soon I'll try and post it for everyone to preview. Thank you for your patience and sorry about this terribly long delay.

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    Okay I have some wip news. I re-edited a lot of the basics to have new or different physics. Venom is no longer balanced as a result but I believe he fights better and I really like how he does combos. I removed a lot of stuff I hated and it's almost all gone. I still have some other stuff to replace though.

    I re-used sprite animations to form a new attack animation and came up with this.

    I also replaced this snake attack with a spike version from another attack. I really half-assed this one but I think it's good enough for now. I might touch it up.

    The good thing is this is mostly done all ready for me with just a few minor tweaks.

    Here is the new stance animated to work almost identical to the original one.

    I did alter other specials and created a new one out of an old one. I re-used an old idea from the spider-man wip that didn't work out.

    I have 2 new super/hyper attacks planned. The first is going to be web induced cave in where the ceiling will drop continually for multi-damage and the other one is going to be similar in that it will be a crumbling wall drop, almost the same as Spider-man Vs Green goblin's fight from the first movie except done with more force and speed since Venom is more muscle like. He's gonna fire out a double handed web net and yank the wall behind his opponent for a surprise impact/drop but while coming from behind at high force.

    I'd like to do 1 more unique super/hyper. All of Venom's moves, either from TOPS or MvC are terrible ideas in my opinion so I'm working really hard to replace them with better ideas. For all my comic based characters I would like it if they all have at least 3 supers/hypers minimum so I just need 1 more idea for Venom to satisfy my gamer needs.

    Also i have 3 new special attack ideas. Really quick they are gonna be the following...the first is a point blank carpet lift though instead of a carpet it will be a ground plate of stone that Venom unearths from the ground for possible juggle damage. The other idea is a Zangeif rip-off fist spin attack. The idea came from Venom in SNES separation Anxiety. The other move is going to be a generic web swing across the room as the fighter kicks away an opponent. There is another idea where Venom could spawn an extra arm for a 3-4 punch combo with a forward momentum, another move inspired by a female symbiote from the same SNES game. Though i don't know if I wanna add more than 3 specials as he all ready has a good amount so far.

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    Okay, an update!

    I completed the third and final hyper/super idea. It's coded and working, it is a simple multi-hit web shots.

    I also finished spriting the other new hyper I pitched earlier. It just needs to be animated and coded in but it's all finished in sprites. Here's a preview of the idea mentioned earlier of this attack.

    After that i just ahve to do the cave-in super/hyper and he should be done in that area. From there I'll move onto specials and he should be semi-ready for a first release.

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    The Super/Hyper is finished. I just have 1 final one to do and that's it for everything period.

    I have some new moves/previews to show though of the new specials. It's the same stuff I usually do in most all characters although the swinging kick move is altered in a unique way so it's semi-original in how it's used...sorta.

    This first special was taken from a character called Riot. It had Venom as a base/Zangeif so it was easy to re-edit back into Venom.

    The next special was done on the fly so not very detailed at all but it works good enough I think. This is the swinging kick special mentioned from before.

    Anyway, as i said before, just 1 thing left, the symbiote web cave-in super/hyper attack. I might be able to release either tomorrow or sometime this week if things come up.

    After Venom I'll move onto Kang the Conquerer as the sub-boss for my game and then i will just need to complete the Galactus update for his final boss position for the game. The game's full roster should be complete after that. At that point it's just a quick polish of all the stuff that needs to get updated and fixed or changed and then after all that the final and full game will have it's release

    This game is almost over and it has taken me near a decade to do but I'm so close to realizing this first dream. When this is done I'll move onto the other projects for their completion. Perhaps I'll start with Pokemon since that's a really fast project and it is also nearly done as well. From there I'll visit dragonball again.

    So by next year for sure I will have completed 3 whole full games for mugen. Which means I'll only have 3 full games left to realize my dream of retirement. XD

    Also not sure if I'll go through with the 4th full game idea of a star wars return of the jedi sequel based game on the style of Masters of Teras Kasi. I only really care about 3 characters as individual releases rather than having them with an entire roster and in their own fullgame. It's not necessary to make it a full game so i might drop that for sure.

    Even though I started late this year I feel as if I accomplished a lot in the short time before it's end. I like that I can make progress at least once a year rather than go missing forever and then suddenly reappear. Too many mugen projects die like that and it's a really hard and sad thing to see something not come to fruition. It's so hard to keep up a pace like this and not lose complete interest. Anyway I hope to release soon so stay tuned ;)

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    Okay Venom is done!



    I don't know if I should release right now since a lot of minor stuff still remains like changing the fxs to match classic mvc.

    I'm not even sure I wanna polish anything any more for any of the characters period. I really hate doing all those other smaller details because it's a real hassle. Maybe I'll just release Venom as is and maybe later for the full game release I'll perhaps reconsider giving him an update to match the rest of my fullgame?

    I'm gonna take a small break and then after I feel well rested I'm gonna put together the details for release and upload to post about it. Mugen work has dragged on too long and I just can't stand it anymore. The only upside now is I can for some reason do wips relatively faster than i could do in the past for some reason? From just a few months ago I managed to pump out Apocalypse, Wolverine, Spider-man, and now Venom. Maybe it's because most of the work was done for me all ready? Hopefully that won't slow down progress on kang the Conqueror!!!


    He's the last one left and after that I release the fullgame. I all ready have a moveset planned out for him to. He's green lit & all set to go! I'm a little excited about doing Kang. He's one of those that hasn't gotten the mugen treatment and a few comic fans out there would love to have a Kang for mugen. So hopefully this will give them something for meanwhile until someone can do a better one LOL XD

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    Venom 2017 Edit/Add-on Version
    (winmugen Only/tested compatible)



    4 supers/hypers
    6 specials
    new palette
    new attacks
    new animations


    Expect infinites and some bugs here and there. All materials are free to the public to use however they like, please don't credit anybody for any of this. Venom belongs to Marvel Comics© and is fan-art in

    mugen. No permission required! Do not credit me. Everything I edit is open source to the public. This is absolutely non-profit and is strictly fan art. No commissions were accepted for this fan art. Do not pay

    for this in any way or give any kind of donation to me or anyone else in any form or credit anyone except the original copyright holder(s). This is absolutely free and absolutely non-profit. Do not sell mugen or

    any of this please. It is illegal to do so. Enjoy!

    BTW in case anyone missed it, I encourage others to finish, fix, revamp, replace, this release. No permission or credit is necessary.

    Okay well here's that Venom at last. This one was delayed as well for anyone who missed it but the character is basically done well enough. There are some bugs I didn't bother fixing because I'm just too exhausted. I think one is an opponent clone issue that spawns sometimes and somehow? The other issue is an air special web attack that I didn't have time to fully disable. The only other glaring issue besides the ones I just mentioned that I can remember is an a.i. activated chameflouge special that I have no idea how to disable completely from the old Venom. Anyway check this out if you like and see the new stuff in this old Venom as well as my new alterations.

    Next work in progress will be Kang The Conqueror. For now I'm gonna take a sshort break but after that I'll get right to work and hopefully I'll be able to finish this before the end of the year! ;)

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    The Venom comic cover with Spider man reaction is hilarious

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    Quote Originally Posted by KOFm.user View Post
    The Venom comic cover with Spider man reaction is hilarious
    That's because it's an authentic mugen character with authentic infinites ;)


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    A new announcement today for all my projects. Since Venom is now released I'v decided to refine and rethink my games. Many of my games will be getting roster cuts in order to make them more feasible releases with better refinement and time dedicated to it all. Some of the roster cuts are also going to be done for other various reasons which i will go to in detail however some cuts may not be permanent for sure as it will depend how the future will go.

    First off is DragonballX (working title) in that it will be shorten to the core projects that all ready have progress. The roster will be cut down to 4 characters only. The boss fight and the other missing characters will make an appearance only through the game's story. I didn't want to lose the story elements in many of these games and after studying my previous selections I've decided just to really do the ones I would like to play as most and the ones I personally like the best. Why have extras if I have no intention of playing them. Before I always thought that some characters were must have because of their popularity but then I remembered Vegeta all those years ago being dropped and I thought to myself why even keep the others I won't even play as in the future?

    So here is the whole roster for DBX

    Most of my games now will be either 4 characters, 8 characters, or 12 characters; by coincidence they are relatively at these numbers for some reason. There are some exceptions such as the pokemon game which obviously far exceeds these numbers by just being pokemon there is an overabundance of characters that just overpopulate any mugen game period.

    So the final boss Raichi was taken out and the 2nd part of the story was entirely dropped along with the guest appearance characters such as King Cold Final form, Super Imperfect Cell, Broly, and Raichi's ghost warriors as well as my personal edit of Bardock in other world sporting his battle damaged look from the t.v. special. I really don't feel like picking any of these up even later on so this will probably be it for keeps.

    Next fullgame/project is Pokemon.


    This game was at a stand still on who the final member of the last update was going to be and that decision was difficult but at long last I decided to pick from the latest generation of Pokemon that the final pokemon would be Mimikyu


    So the last roster update will include

    Mew (final Boss)

    & from the new gens


    The next fullgame is Super Smash fighters! The change is only a small one in that MegamanX will be featured instead of Kirby. I personally never liked Kirby and I felt in the original N64 game that his presents was an odd choice along with Captain Falcon and Ness??? I know he is a big title in nintendo and he is even a creative and iconic character but I never felt Kirby to be very fitting and i believe he was only included because he was the invention of the lead smash bros director so of course he was featured heavily in the game but or me I can get along without him. I'm probably gonna drop a lot of the extra hidden roster characters to make it a lighter game and to make it simple. I think I would probably only update Link (Zelda) to have his cape look and maybe redo bomberman with an actual movelist.

    Moving on now to Batman and there are a lot dropped!!!!

    So basically the ones that stayed were the ones that I all ready have a lot of progress on all ready. Two-face and Robin all ready have a lot done so it wouldn't make much sense to drop them now. As for catwoman I've decided that she was too ahrd to complete and also there isn't much inspiration to take her somewhere new so I've decided to instead sprite swap/edit her current design and mix it in with Scruffy catwoman or Zvitor's? I forget who she was done by for mugen but yeah that one that has hand drawn sprites. I'm gonna rip her off and make her into my own basically with like a simple head swap, palette swap, and perhaps a small sprite edit where needed.

    Also there is no guarantee but I may bring 1 of these selections which I dropped for a Boss character selection. I highly doubt it but you never know if I will be able to muster up another one.

    As you cans see any of these would make a fine boss. For Penguin I wanted to do like a movie version from batman returns using Danny devito's voice, even! Clayface is an easy overpowered choice. he would be the easyist one to do. For Mr.Freeze I thought I would rip off Unlimited's Mr.Freeze base design using X-men's Cable. I was hesitant to use cable as I felt he wasn't tall enough for Freeze however he could be adjusted to be much taller through various sprite altering methods? Though i proibably won't have any boss but if I can I may chocie one of those 3 to do it.

    You might also notice that 2 characters that aren't mine are going to be incorporated to fill the empty roster count. Harley will be added since she is very close to the series design and has an o.k. setup and function. The other is a sprite patch I did for Ivy. I felt she played very well and to me she is the best Ivy i ever played period with a fantastic move-set. I may alter her a bit though since I saw a lesser ivy execute some phenominal supers/hypers and I think that is the only thing missing from this Ivy.

    Okay next it's Mortal Kombat After-Realm!!!!

    Okay this one has some major cuts. right off the bat Sonya is being dropped as I'm hardly a fan of Female characters. As a fighter I don't beleive she offered much even though I find her design very appealing, she is no longer needed here. Next is Shang Tsung!!! His design was based on the t.v. series Motal Kombat Conquest and he was by far my favorite part of that show and I beleive he was the best Shang Tsung period but he's the least fantastic looking and he doesn't offer anything too great that I would miss so he's been dropped. I'm keeping Shinnok because I believe I can make him something very awesome and I also like his design very much. I alkso would have dropepd sub-zero but he is almost complete so might as well finish him :P In the distant future I may even drop shao kahn as I'm not sure if he would really add much to this MK game but for now he is included to stay...for now!

    One huge shocker here in case you missed it that the final boss has been removed O.O LOL LOL LOL
    Well he would have been an excellent fighter and design wise he isn't that bad but Belokk just lost my interest entirely and now he's just best left as a story element rather than a final battle. I think he will be mentioned only as the game's ending and only as a still image scene and a generic win screen to be used universally with all the fighters from the final game.

    The last and final game is Star wars Mugen (temporary working title). I've decided to drop the main character Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, and Boba fett. this will more or less be like DBX in that the game will amount to mainly a storyboard reward. So the roster will be only 4 characters.

    Only 2 are set design wise but the other 2 characters left have not been completed in concept. The other 2 missing characters will be Dash Rendar from "shadows of the empire" N64 game and Leia "return of the jedi" bounty hunter outfit.

    http://static.wixstatic.com/media/b7...862a94973d.png https://nerdist.com/wp-content/uploa...h-06222015.jpg

    I imagine leia will fight like the predator and I always liked Dash over Han Solo and I believe he can be very versatile in combat. All in all though the main part and the best part to will be in my opinion the story. I absolutely hate the prequels and the new movies like the force awakens and the last jedi so I've been itching to tell a proper sequel to return of the jedi. I'm gonna use photoshop magic editing to bring to life a film that never happened but should have in a mugen storyboard that'll blow these million dollar travesties out of the water. So that'll be a real treat for all of us I think?

    So that was the announcement and changes which will improve things in my opinion and will also make it easier for me to. So hopefully I will be able to get through all of this now under these new conditions. I'll post new stuff on kang next once i develop something to share with everyone. ;)

    Thank you and goodnight!
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    Well today I got a lot done and soon I'll be able to post progress on Kang The Conqueror! The mobility basics are almost complete. Soon after that I'll try to finish the get-hits and then I'll call it a night. Real soon I'll tackle the basic attacks. I usually do all the standing punches in 1 night and the next day the next set for crouching so I estimate that will all take around 2 weeks to get done assuming I'll get the typical interruptions or lack of being well rested.

    I estimate after all that and then tackling the hard stuff later on I should have something ready for a final version by the end of December. If all goes well by then, then I'll be able to release the fullgame roughly by new years!!!


    So now I'll share my plans for Kang. keep in mind he's gonna be a sub-boss so he's going to be rather difficult and very cheap. His attacks will be unfair and overpowered as well as fast in execution so be careful!!!!

    Now for my specials outline for what's to come.

    Kang's specials will be the following...

    *a shotgun-like plasma shot(s). The attack will appear like a medium large beam of sheer force, I'm thinking white in color and shooting consecutively for 3 fast shots total.

    *The cordless yo-yo like device that floats away from kang's hand and then returns to the same hand after it strikes. It may explode on contact...?

    *sonic amplifier from a gun like device that shoots small sound waves that gradually turn gigantic as they travel through the air waves for push back damage. x8-hits total.

    *Energy machine gun is a very small (no barrel) like oozy device that fires x20 rounds in lightning like speed with little push-back and no fall. Burning fxs somewhere???

    *Blue phantom skip will act like a dash attack that constantly hits upon body contact. Kang will appear to only move slightly but will have traveled far w/afterimage fxs.
    temporarily invincible and free to pass through opponent's phsical bodies. smoke on victim fxs?

    *energy dome repulsion will have kang activate a field around him that will grow outward to drop and push back & away an enemy.

    *energy projector and viewer will be like a handheld device that kang will activate which will spawn random geysers of energy throughout a stage path.

    *frequency blade is just that, a blade made of a vibrating energy capable of cutting through incredible tough solids. It starts low and then reaches up high w/dash and is held as a nightstick.

    Now for Kang's super/hyper. Only 1 and level 3 super/hyper.

    *Kang regenerates health based on opponent's power meter while draining it away.

    So that's all I have planned for kang. I was thinking of adding a character/stage hazard where there will be floating orbs throughout the stage path in various locations. If the opponent makes contact he will take damage just to make the fight more difficult. Though i might scrap that idea because I feel that may push Kang over the edge of being a sub-boss and that that will make him more of a boss rather than a sub-boss??? I have only 1 super/hyper because the concept on its own is very unfair as it can potentially bring kang back to full health if you're not persistent enough to defeat him. Also the special attacks are all on the level of supers/hypers since they'll do considerably more damage than normal and will act as overwhelmingly devastating supers/hypers even though they'll be specials it'll be tough to weather that level of damage.

    I would like to test this once he's finished against scruffy's Ultron, another sub-boss character created for mugen for marvel themed mugen fights. Not to see whose best or anything like that but just to enjoy the deadly dance of two overwhelmingly powerful evil doers fighting to the death. XD It'll be like watching Thanos Vs Darkseid again or superman vs Doonsday!

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    Okay sorry I couldn't do the get hits. Seems I ran out of time unfortunately but at least I was able to get the other basics done.



    turn 1 & 2



    So that's all I have for now. Not a bad start and the bases weren't too bad to combine though resources are limited because of cape and flying model limitations so certain things had to be compromised in order to get them to work fairly well enough. Though I love to find that some parts were just mean't to be joined together successfully, it's almost as if Capcom anticipated frankenspriting and was sorta setting it up to give you a hand at it :P

    Though that's not true at all but the way some pieces fit together you have that impression XD

    In case anyone was wondering, I'm using Magneto, Dr.Doom, and Bishop a.k.a. Colossus in mugen with sprite edits :P I felt using Bishop would be easier since those sprites are a little more cleaned up for me so it made the job easier. Also the base has unique configurations since it is all ready modded into a different character so now I have double the resources for feet movement. I really loving the way the base is combining together since it gives the fighter a nice height and weight advantage. Obviously it's not that accurate to the Marvel versions but acceptations had to be made in order to get a fairly accurate base. Though I always prefer a bulkier look as oppose to a skinny chump and Marvel has in the past done strange things to their characters such as making spider-man a very young teenager or even changing his body build and even race O.o Not to mention Nick Fury :P

    So this Kang is bulkier and for his design it is custom for mugen however it is based on various kang designs but combined together so this explains why he's a little different than what you're use to.

    Eventually I'm gonna start looking for a voice resource. I hope there are rips out there all ready of a decent voice actor who can give me the lines I need. If not I'm gonna have to get creative and find a voice from a non-Kang voice actor. Hopefully I don't use Disney's Jafar as Kang's voice :P


    Well that's all I have so until next time I'll hopefully have something new to post. ;)

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    Okay the missing stuff as follows



    falling down and forward

    Okay that's everything for that category. Now I'll move onto the basic attacks. Hopefully i can share something tomorrow. After the basics attack will come the special attacks and then the supers/hypers/finishers.

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    The basic attacks are forming up. So far I have the punches fleshed out. The base makes it very difficult to get clear animations but somehow I'm managing it. Unfortunately i had to throw some animations out but I've come up with an idea on how to turn 1 attack into 3. It's basically gonna be a hybrid punch and special attack. I've been thinking about using future-esc technology for Kang such as ionic energy, magnetism, photon, electrical energies...,etc. So for the current punches I've been thinking of adding a projectile effect using ionic energy to push an energy fist as if to extend Kang's punch to a limitless length!

    I hardly know anything on Kang though so I think I'm gonna have to do just a little more research to make sure he's getting the right attacks done. Though my impression of him and what I know of him is that he's from the future so he has super advanced technology. Just every mad-scientist cliche you can think of like a lightning ball, shrinking, growing gigantic, lasers, camouflage technology, rockets, flying, and all that stuff plus high-tech guns.

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    It's been a while since I did a full character spritesheet though it's coming along rather quickly so I'm not that exhausted as i normally would be when tackling a task like this one again.

    I managed to the first 3 basic standing punches that will act as projectiles as well to have an amazing reach advantage.

    So each punch will have something flying out of his hand in a unique path and direction. When it hits it acts like a normal punch but it can be done rapidly and it is quick at the same time to. Hopefully i can get these actions to combo together to really sell them as normal punches.

    Next are some specials I sorta had left over though they may not be specials entirely in the end as i haven't really decided what they will do and where they will be placed in?

    None of this is coded yet but it's in the build. Before I start the rest of the animations like the kicks set I would like to do an extensive search for a proper voice for Kang The Conqueror. One idea I had was to use Alan Rickman since his face sorta gave me the Kang impression??? Perhaps I can mechanize it and/or make it a deeper pitch?

    If anyone has better ideas please don't keep them to yourself. Let me know!

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