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    Default Re: [W.I.P.] - SvK Dragon Claw edit (First ever on mugen!?)

    That's nice, maybe you might consider adding more fxs like a semi invisible dragon claw passing through the opponent at super high speed? Also don't forget dust fxs and shaking go a long way and adding in minor sound fxs like swishes and zooms can add a lot to a character's quality.

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    Default Re: [W.I.P.] - SvK Dragon Claw edit (First ever on mugen!?)

    People, unfortunately, some people in MFG warned me that a close friend of Reuben Kee said that his family would not like other versions of the character, so, I entered in contact with his father, Freddie Kee, who, in spite of great cordiality, said that over some long thought with his family, decided that they would not like other versions of his late son's job. So, until other notice, I'll sadly discontinue this project.

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