Hello i have one question.i play mugen in amdroid phone using exegear (Nod395 windows?) and dont know exactly how configure setting in mugen cfg and system.def .and ofcourse have problem with rooster(my phone is samsung s4) i cant resize big portrait to make it looks like big portrait and next portrait under 1st .i try make it alone but one portait is good but second size is bad (1st is good but second ..i think i change wrong numbers and bad lines change.i domt be good in math bu
t i know basics but here is diffrent.i played before game called Little Fighter 2 .in Lf2 make a chars is simple but jere i cant use phone cuz code of char is lag my phone too much i use droidphone to open cmd def cfg and wirks fine but with long data is horrible,when lines is to 8 k if data is so hard to modify.i try modify tower of bloody( that stage with survival) but dont know how separate waves to chars(i mean all waves is chars i want have all this chars alone so i can make my stages) but I get next problem ..ID of CHAR.i play
on debug mode and see all chars have 2 number something like 20 (0) or 56 (0) but i dont know what is ID .search for answer but in data i see only 1100 or other strange number .i know all chars have unique Id but how i find that Id i want? is there way to see what id have any char?