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    Idea Help Wanted: Need River City Girls Kyoko and Misako for MUGEN

    K6666, who is a well known MUGEN dev, has thrown in the towel for any future MUGEN projects. One of which was Kyoko from River City Girls, which I was very excited of getting for my MUGEN passion project. But now since he's quit, his upcoming Kyoko fighter will never see the light of day anymore unfortunately... which was a severe blow to my MUGEN project. I'm asking if anyone who can make a good Kyoko and Misako fighter for MUGEN, someone has uploaded their sprites in this site and I would love to see them get into the MUGEN community. Someone who is really good at making well balanced characters with bringing everything that the character possesses in terms of their abilities, attacks, references, etc. I would greatly appreciate it if someone went out of their way and heard my plea. Because my game is in hiatus until then... I will literally sing praises about you, if you guys take my request and make it a reality. Many thanks!
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