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    Default MUGEN ARCHIVE news : Found news section added and going social

    I've recently added a found news section, so please feel free to post about any MUGEN related release or news you've found around the internet.

    And as you probably noticed by now, we've recently enabled tons of social features.
    -A modern portal
    -Social notification bar
    -Forum side block
    -Status updates
    -User tags (@ mentions & # hashtags)
    -More exposure for the social groups

    ...and many other little improvements and tweaks

    So feel free to participate around the site more than ever before, you'll notice a significantly improved experience.

    Like? Dislike? Please feel free to comment these changes. Your suggestions are more than welcome.

    I'm rather unfamiliar with these features, especially the portal and blog expansions... and there are literally thousands options I haven't explored yet so things can certainly be improved a lot, just feel free to give us your feedback. What should be improved? I'll look into it to the best of my ability.

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    Default Re: MUGEN ARCHIVE news : Found news section added and going social

    Great notice Dizzy!

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