Sharkeisha 2.0 by fido, edit by Sookie

Okay...First and foremost...Come on now..WORLDSTAR! Okay, I wasn't even sure what to think when I found out someone turned Makoto Rindou into freaking SHARKEISHA!

Her design is nice and I love the blue outfit. She is well voiced and I must say it's ALWAYS hilarious when she wins. That aside her A.I. is okay. Nothing to really brag about but I like that. especially after that nightmarish time I had with Linne...Anyway, she has the full 6-button system as per usual with SF characters and some of the most hype moments in all of her supers. Now to the issues at hand...ALthough she's easy to pick-up and play...WHY is she so weak? I mean, there are little children in my mugen who do more damage. I mean if Mami (Magical Girl madoka) can do decent damage surely this beast can unleash some REAL furry right? Her attacks are so weak that it takes FOREVER to finish a match. I play in unlimited time and well...I find myself dying fast whenever I play as her. IDK if I really wanna go in and fix ALL of her moves (cause her supers do jack-crap for damage as well) but who knows? The point is she's fun, hilarious to fight with, and combos pretty easily. Just wish her attack was BETTER.

Overall rating: 5/10