Dark Tohka Review

Okay, first off I'd like to say I love the design. Her sprites are freaking beautiful. It's not heavily using power for this either (She doesn't slow down my mugen like some characters do.) Now, onto her actual fighting style and practices. I wasn't expecting a 3-button character. Tohka's three punches are all her attacks. Her low and mid kick are for evading forward and backwards. Her high Kick is used for doing her supers. There's also the power-up (charge) that the mid-kick has when she's not in motion that can be canceled in order to attack. She has a very quick fighting style with her sword and I do believe she is a bit hard as far as A.I. goes, but she IS beatable. I faced against her in my mugen with...Chun-li and ended her pretty quickly. The thing to remember is to stay on her. her A.I. reacts very well. Overall, I like her design and layout. None of her moves are too difficult to pull off and she can easily be picked up by anyone.

I give Dark Tohka a 9/10. Very Well done.