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    Default Gogan by IF Review

    Gogan By IF review:

    Okay, I'd like to start off by saying I laughed when I heard this was a doujin character and a boss at that. How WRONG I was. Her sprites are very nice and although her movelist is lacking in my personal opinion, she is very well done. Gogan is ridiculous as a boss. Her AI is very...******ic. She nearly ALWAYS 'just guards' any attack you throw at her. This makes it increasingly difficult to do damage to her. I first tried to beat her with some Street Fighters. That yielded very...negative results. Since she has a system similar to parrying, only far more accurate than the SF characters I possess I was overwhelmed. I then tried some MvC and that too was quite difficult. Her range is quite far; her attacks taking between mid-to-full screen with both high and low attacks. Her power is through the roof and definitely equal to her boss character status. I've lost to her more than I care to admit. Anyway, the basics are all there (button wise) and I've found no glitches since I've made her one of my two end bosses. As per usual, she does have a few specials and her Ender super. I've only seen it twice; once when I had her fighting the AI and one time when I was going through Arcade mode. She has a super-powerful hyper beam that takes all of Gogans' energy, but IF it hits a player while not blocking, it's almost guaranteed INSTANT death from near full-health. It's crazy. her regular attacks take large chunks of health and all of her sword-toss attacks (her specials basically) takes large portions of health. She is beatable however, but requires either timed planning or a character that can attack relentlessly. Over-all she has a very smart AI, painful mid-range attacks (no footies with her too often...I tried...), and a monstrous amount of defense. in short, she's a very good and powerful boss.

    Rating: 7/10
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