Hola! Long time user (lost my 2012 account password, recently made a new one)

I've read the rules and I am aware it says (you can't ask people to make stuff for you for free) but that's what I want to ask!

I love mugen, I know the basics (editing cns files, balancing characters, def files) just simple stuff, but I want to know if I could ask someone to edit a character sprite set for me?

Not make a new character from scratch, an existing one, just the colors of a few moves changed from say, red, to blue.

Is that possible? What are the rules and regulations? I've got paypal if that helps? And naturally, totes happy to pay for people's time to do some editing for me! <3 (just cause I suuuuck XD)

(If not allowed, so sorry, I swear every forum I've ever posted in, I've been yelled at so, no hate if possible, thank you! ***)