This Mugen stage is made by me
and With the help of oldgamer with a few codings

The mugen stage comes with 3 def fine to choose from
1. Dizzy city is for mugen 1.0
2. Dizzy city 1.1 is for mugen 1.1 with zoom effect
3. HIRES_Chibi_Dizzy city is for VERY SMALL MUGEN'S Characters

The both for mugen stage for 1.0 and 1.1 has Super Jump
The HIRES_Chibi_Dizzy city dont have Super Jump
the Mugen stages has animation.
This mugen stage is made and shared with the Mugen Archive Community
This mugen stage is made for @Dizzy just to show her Im the real deal :)
I hope you enjoy my mugen stage creation And Merry Christmas!!!!!

Main Download

Backup Download From Google Drive