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    Otto's Zero Review

    Hello, fellow creepers, here's my first review, hope you will enjoy it !

    First of all, an character presentation:

    He is the final boss of the game "Kirby's Dream Land 3" for SNES. He looks like an giant, bloody eye. In fact, it's his "only" appearance on the Kirby series, since his next "appearance" is in "Kirby: The Crystal Shards" as an another form: Zero Two (write "0˛").

    Now, I'll talk about him in mugen.

    This character is an source-friendly, two-phased, boss character. Please note that even if he is an boss character, he can be easily played as an normal character. He is challenging but well equilibrated. All his attacks, his sprites and even the sounds of the original game are there, and thinking that we are in a fighting game and the original game is an adventure \ platformer ! I'll accord an special point for the fact that he do not appearer again in the next round after we beat him. Pure coding art, creeper talking.

    Now for the real review!

    Good points
    - Source-friendly
    - The fact that we don't have to fight him twice in story mode
    - No too hard, no too easy
    - Can be used as much by AI (Note that he haves an AI) than by an player
    - Perfect conversion by adventure/platformer to fighting genre.

    Bad points
    - The guide is on an forbidden language, but even with that, the controls are easy to do whiout it.

    The final sentence: An really good character for an fan of Kirby and bosses and even who that aren't. Add it immediately to your roster, he really, REALLY merits that.

    Note: 9,5/10

    Download link: http://mugenarchive.com/forums/downl...=file&id=18023

    PS: Since it's my first review, please tell me what should I need to do to get even better in this !

    PPS: Thanks to the like I just got (and the others ones I will get, maybe), but know that critics (Good or bad, it doesn't matter) are even better than likes and thanks !
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