So this girl broke up with me about two weeks ago. It was a long distance thing, and it was going down hill, which is neither of our faults. But I'm still bitter about how she ended it. She pretty much just stopped talking to me for three days before dropping the news. We even had plans for that Saturday, but she was just like, "I can't take it any more." Then she broke up with me.
I restarted contact with her two days ago. I have this feeling of revenge, and I mean, we were close before we had to make it long distance, so she's always been a good friend. I'm just conflicted: Should I be a good friend and tell her politely, should I be a good friend and just drop it, should I be an ******* and make her regret it, or should I be an ******* and deny her the chance to learn from what she did by not telling her? Damn, guys.