Fix patches for all characters by released.

Note: The fix patches will be added to the database shortly.

AI patch for "GONZO-'s Orochi" by AGGLI updated.

New stage: KofXII stadium night (low res).

AI patch for "R.o.q.u.e.'s Lynn Baker" by Nanashi updated.

Lehyu, Jagyuta & Judjment by Kishio updated.

AI patch for "DOBUROKU's Nobuko" by Emanon released.

SVC Chunli by tetchi released (09/08/30)

AI patch for "jin's Magaki"&"Ahuron's Goodman" by AGGLI updated.

4 Characters by Ina updated.

AI patch for "⑨? Rouga" by Mk.X updated.
*Rouga Zanma by ⑨