miku by YU-TOHARU Review

I knew I'd be back for this one. Let's start out with basics. Her system works off of a music-type battle system mixed with a Melty Blood system as I saw(I use a trial-and-error system when practicing with characters to figure out abilities. If I find any more unique things outside what I mention, I'll let you all know) that works with three attack buttons (a, b, c) with a & b I found mainly useful for note attacks where you hold them down and release to run a note across the screan for an attack. They also work as melee attacks, but she doesn't seem well suited for that to me. Her HK lets her pull off a melty-blood styled shield and her LK lets you charge up power. Her most crucial ability lies in the start button. It is readily apparent that she must reset this after a certain number of supers are used; I'll explain a bit more later. Onward to gameplay. Her game is keep away. I'll start with her note attacks, activated by holding down A or B. The short notes (a) are low attacks and can hit the opponent from the complete opposite side of the screen. The high notes (B) are medium attacks and can also attack across screen.Now, onward to her other distant attacks. One of her attacks involves calling down Nendoroids. Now I'll move onto her physical attacks. She has a few anti airs for taking down opponents like basically a shuryuken with a green leek. As far as I've gone I've seen she has many different variations at the start that you can select that changes what songs her specials can do. There's more than six.Keep in mind until the song ends, she still attacks. Since this character is based on a Melty-Blood style, she more than likely has an Arch-drive finish. I myself, haven't seen it yet but I'm quite sure its there. Onward to her note system. Miku has a set number of notes when the battle starts and can gain them by taunting or charging. These are required to pull off her musical supers. She seems to have far more supers than I've found as she has 5 bars and I've only found at highest a three-bar super. Her overall movement is very nice. Her movement is faster; much more than I expected. Her walk speed is about a snail's pace. She can get away quite nicely. She can air-dash I believe 4 times in the air and backdash/forward dash 4 times on the ground; she covers ground quickly when running away. Which is good, because she doesn't take beatings well. Her entire style kind of states that. Over-all, I'm quite pleased with how she turned out. Her sprites are far better than what I thought they'd be (chibi or very small), her attacks are solid, her movement is good, excellent sound, no bugs/errors that I ran cross, and I couldn't ask for more from a vocaloid creation. I'd say a 9/10 for this. I hope you all found this enlightening about the character and hope you all look forward to more reviews from yours truly! thank you and blessed be.