AI for "Juke Kisaragi's Kasumi"&"FZL-MGCool's Alba" by kknto updated.

*Kasumi Todo by Juke Kisaragi
*Alba Meira by FZL-MGCool (bundled with the patch)

Ryugen by Moku updated.

AI patch for "Juke Kisaragi's Momoko & Xiangfei" by Ptan released.

*Momoko & Xiangfei by Juke Kisaragi

AI patch for "Ahuron's Goodman" by AGGLI updated.

*Goodman nbc by Ahuron

AI patch for "Ahuron's Jazu XI" by mage updated.

*Jazu XI by Ahuron

New character Mysterious Power released.
Kiriko, Highway Star, Rick Strowd & Xiangfei by NHK updated.