First let me say, hope that Thread didn't exist before^^
Second, how about leaving a Trailer or Teaser Link of your Film here ?!
Or maybe a short Description or your personal Critics, or both ? (Trying to be neutral, not to offense)

Mine is "Lukas" in European Cinemas since 22.08.18:

Starring: Jean-Claude Van Damme

Plot: A Night-Club Bouncer wich has done a little to rough on his doings and going to Jail.
Being in a Custody and losing everything on his Daughter.(really short Description)

My Thoughts: Kinda like Denzel Washington's "Men on Fire", just with darker the Colours/Filters like in Fight Club.
Good old "Lionheart" is doing pretty well if in the right Productions. Just missed him smiling :)

Official Treaser: