Dear fellow MUGEN Archivists,

Though powerful, our dedicated servers have finally reached their physical limit due to the ever increasing traffic, so the time for an upgrade has come.

Server upgrade
The MUGEN ARCHIVE is going to move to new servers shortly. The new servers were delivered a few moments ago. It should take a few hours to set them up from scratch and a few more hours to synch all servers due to the gargantuan amount of data to process.
I will then test the new servers and if all seems fine, I will update the DNS.
A downtime is to be expected, as DNS propagation may take a few hours.

Features updates
For a while my efforts were mostly focused on code optimizations and vulnerability patches, to improve the performance and security. But I've started working on adding new features again, so you'll notice improvements being implemented around the site steadily.

If you wish to support this huge and magnificent preservation project, now may be the time to donate if you can. Patron subscriptions are the best way to support the project in the long run.

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