"Black Rock Shooter by Nibanibaniniba" Review

I'll speak objectively first. I was shocked to even see a BRS character here. I surly didn't expect such quality either. How amazed I was after loading her up in Mugen. First off, she does have the six button system common in most fighting games. Her style however is a bit wilder as I see she doesn't have to follow the usual link system (L-M-H) which made me tip my hap to that. Her specials are all very nice and I loved the design with her having both her sword AND her giant cannon. Combo-wise, she's actually pretty good. As I've seen with the A.I., she can be a bit cheesy in the corner, spamming things but that isn't a huge issue. She possess the ability to use the zig-zag system (Lp-Lk-Mp-Mk-Hp-Hk) which make sfor some nasty finishes on her part. I also love the zoom-ins that make her feel a bit more intense. I've found no bugs or infinite loop strings of states in my practice and game-play with her (roughly about 20-25 matches I did). She transistions smoothly between moves. I only wish she had a voice pack which would be pretty impossible considering the character (Black Rock Shooter herself) doesn't speak much. The sound files are all good. Her supers do very good damage (nothing overly cheap) and she feels very refreshing. I love seeing well-made fan-based characters like this. For design, play-ability, and execution I give a 9/10. Very well made character.