Whip Review
"Whip '03" by H

As one of my favorite characters from KoF, I must do her review first. First & foremost, the accuracy to the original. I like that she starts off with the select style from normal, KoF, and SNK. There is indeed some custom things there with her moves, but I do like that all her moves (including all the instant down-moves she had) was included. Thank goodness all her supers are also there. Though she is a bit hard to play with, it's what I like about her. She fights like a REAL KoF fighter. She has the usual system of moves (four-button system, one for evade and the other a strong knockdown If I'm not mistaken. I'll go back and check later.) She has all of the original palettes from the game. Many people who have re-made this character forget to add in her low-hitting pistol attack. She has all the audio she had in KoF, which is good because...some characters really need a soundpack with them. Whip is definitely one of them. Anyway, her play-style is just as timed as it was for KoF. Wait for an opening and deliver punishment accordingly. To sum it up, she is well done. She plays very well, has all of her attacks, sounds, and animations. Also...No bugs or glitches that I ran across at all. Although her A.I. is non-existent, I still love this character.