(This post is a "Shit-Post" in my thought and thus, serve no purpose to increase my post-point or angering anyone for that matter)

So, if I want to upload a character and that character's Youtube video is nowhere to be found at the time but I can find a video relating to that character's gameplay in other video hosting site *HACKS*NicoNicoDouga*HACKS*, then must I upload a Youtube video about that character before I upload them here (so that I can link the Youtube video as the video requirements)? Or is using that video hosting alternative as the video requirement a-okay?

Because if Youtube link must be used as the only video requirements, then that means I'm kinda in trouble because I can't record any good-quality videos with my current programs and social awkwardness. And uploading a video to Youtube will mostly but not certainly have a chance to get me flagged for copyright strikes, I afraid. So, I ask: what a man's gotta do about this?

And apologies if a similar thread has been posted before. I kind of having trouble finding a similar thread.