Cheers all,

I've been working on a collection of high-quality content and updating it for MUGEN 1.1 in 1280 x 720 widescreen resolution as it currently offers the best high-definition look while not melting computers or completely destroying 640 x 480 stages / characters.

I've been really happy with what I've been able to modify, letting high-definition fighters mix it up with low-definition fighters on stages of various resolutions. The scan line overlay extremely helps the overall look as well, balancing out everything into one harmonious style.

I have but one glaring issue, and that is the camera smoothing. I've learned that each stage needs to be fine-tuned and tweaked to run just right, but one problem with each is the camera smoothness. Some stages seem to convert just fine, while others can develop a stagger to the camera as it pans up/down and left/right.

Currently stages are set to [ localcoord = 427, 240 ] and I've experimented with setting stages to [ localcoord = 1280, 720 ] with little change in smoothness. Some stages are also scaled [ xscale / yscale ] up by a factor of 2 or scaled down by half, using the [ hires = 1 ] variable.

Are my eyes playing tricks on me and the camera moves based on the Mugen.cfg resolution, would changing resolution of stages benefit the smoothness of the camera, or am I missing something else completely?

Any help would be appreciated.

Current style of the project:

YAMATO's Dante versus Warusaki3's Dio on Loganir's SHIELD Helicarrier stage

Above image backup link:

If I need to post a video to demonstrate, I have no objection, but if someone has a simple fix to this or has encountered this problem before, I'd appreciate the assistance.