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    Question How to go about doing fog ?

    Hey, I was wondering, how would I go about adding fog into my stage ?

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    Default Re: How to go about doing fog ?

    you can try with this method: make a black image, draw random fog on it in white, convert it to 256 colors image, set the first color of the palette to different than black (it will be recognized as transparency later on Fighter Factory) example: magenta, if the outer part of the fog is still black, fill the outer black with magenta (the color of transparency, supposed to be the 1st one in the palette order). Add the sprite to the sff of the stage (if FF asks use the palette of the file, or adapt the sprite to an existing/similar palette of the sff), add the layer in the def file with "trans = add" , example

    [BG 2, Fog]
    type = normal ;it's supposed to be a single sprite
    spriteno = 1, 3 ;number of the sprite in the sff
    start = 0,-151 ; start of the frame
    delta = 1,1 ;you should know what this means, I guess
    mask=1 ; enables transparent color of the palette (don't confuse with transparency effect)
    layerno = 1 ;goes over players, set differently or remove it if it must stay behind players
    trans = add ;adds transparency effect, this option practically removes the black out of the image so only the white part (the fog) is visible
    tile = 1,0 ;tiles horizontally
    velocity = -4,0 ; if you want the fog to move horizontally


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