The MUGEN Engine TechHelp section is where you should post if you have some configuration difficulties, that don't require advanced knowledge.

Here are some important posting guidelines to make sure you get help.

1. Check the Guides/FAQ before posting, most issues newbies run into are addressed there.

2. Post a detailed report including :
  • Your operating system
  • Your MUGEN version (press F1 in mugen main menu screen to find out what version it is)
  • A link to the character, stage or creation you had problem with

Don't limit your report to "it doesn't work", that likely will get you nowhere. Instead detail the issue, for example, "I select char X by author Y, and mugen crashes with the following error message : ...". A screenshot showcasing the issue is always helpful.

3. If your issue is resolved, please don't forget to thank whoever helped you, it might sound like common sense, but a lot of users disappear as soon as they get an answer. Please understand there are a lot of people requesting assistance and few who are kind enough to provide help. The least you can do is show some gratefulness, otherwise there will be nobody left to help you someday.

Thank you for reading.