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    Default Help for my Okuyasu and Speedwagon packs

    Hey guys sorry I haven't been on as much recently, I just got Xenoverse 2 and have been having a blast. So I want to make a Speedwagon and Okuyasu character pack in the Capcom Jojo style. I want some tips on how to animate them and the style itself. I also need to learn how to program the characters and especially with Okuyasu I need some help coming up with creative moves (and how to put some Eyes of Heaven moves into 2-D). I also need to get Okuyasu's animations to make him kind of idiotic. With Speedwagon I also want to get some cowardly animations like how he acted in part 1. Sorry about the need to bother you guys about this but I just want some help getting started on my first 100% Corey made project.

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    Default Re: Help for my Okuyasu and Speedwagon packs

    Well, in order to get what you want you can look at tutorial1.doc in "docs" folder then advance with the other tutorials you find there, then open kfm and see how a character is made and how characters work in MUGEN (kfm is a self-explanatory char whose CNS, DEF, AIR, etc... files contain a built-in text guide which is pretty easy to understand). This is just about the char itself, if the already provided guides of MUGEN aren't enough (even if they should be, just open the default def, cns, cfg files and you'll figure it out quite simply) you can always search for more tutorials on google by typing, for example: "MUGEN chars tutorial" or "MUGEN stage tutorials", "MUGEN screenpack tutorials" etc. There are tons of them. Ultimately you can search/lurk the forum's topics to see if any new obstacle in the road of knowledge pops up during the development, many topics about it all have been discussed.

    About other stylistic, graphic and specific detail of your project, unfortunely I don't know the screenpacks you're talking about but I guess this up to your creativity.

    Good luck! :P

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