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    Default Do you thiink Mugen has impacted or influenced modern day fighting games?

    I was looking at my collection of games lately, from fighters, to brawlers, to role playing games and then to the latest Warriors game, and spent far longer than I should have, thinking about how many of them are Fan love crossover games. Then I thought about the new characters to show up in a few of the non crossover games, and saw that even those had some cross overs. With the idea that now even internet animation show characters are entering the fighing arena, I find myself wondering if these are all thanks to MUGEN and the fan work behind it.

    I mean be honest did you ever expect, Akira, Ryu, Morrigan, and Shenmue's Ryo to all co star in the same game? I mean yeah Capcom has always had its fun with the VS series, but even that I think changed and grew, adding in strange characters, because of what they saw fans do with stuff like MUGEN. How else can you explain heroes like Dante and Frank, joined with Phoenix wright and Amaterasu? Now im here looking at Warriors orochi three ultimate, Warriors all stars, Project X Zone, Final Fantasy Dissidia, and the upcoming Marvel vs Capcom infinite. how much of any of those would have just appeared naturally? hehe its amazing what the fan community is capable of.... but these are just my thoughts, what do you all think of the rise of Cross over games? Or the strange games that pit casts of Rpg characters into a brawler?

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    Default Re: Do you thiink Mugen has impacted or influenced modern day fighting games?

    I think that creativity is the same, no matter if it's MUGEN or a commercial product. It happens to me too to observe similarities between different characters from different games. I think that yes, possibly MUGEN influenced big companies into including some cross-overs, but I think it's a tactic big companies (such as Nintendo adding Solid Snake) do to increase the hype for purchasing the game... and this was invented way before MUGEN was released: like the "feauturing" in music production or the "special guest" in TV programs.
    I'd rather think that MUGEN influences users in making what big companies can't do because of a natural thing: copyrights. Each character from a company is like a song from a music producer: is legally protected. MUGEN is free, so big companies don't complain too much. But if a big company uses the character of another big company that's like stealing so that just doesn't happen, unless the two companies decide to make a cross-over game (like SVC, CVS, TxC, etc...). This explains why some character from different games look so similar or follow certain stereotypes which evolved in the history of fighting games.
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